AutismOne: Don’t snark on me…we’ve got security and police!

28 May

Remember Jamie Bernstein? Her site, hug me, I’m vaccinated, should give you an idea of her stance. She’s the woman who took a picture with Andrew Wakefield at his big rally last year, and slipped him a note that said

Dear Andrew Wakefield,

I know that you truly believe that what you are doing is helping people and that the ends justify the means, but I just want you to know that the things you are doing –- the actions you have taken in the past have hurt people –- killed people. Your work has scared and manipulated parents into not vaccinating their children, putting them and their entire community at risk, all in the name of safety. Children have died because of you. I just want to make sure that you fully understand that.


It turns out that Ms. Bernstein attended AutismOne this year. AutismOne is a parent conference that promotes, amongst other things, the vaccine-injury model of autism. Last year they gave Andrew Wakefield an award–after he was struck off the register in the UK for ethics violations. This year they are hosting talks by Mark and David Geier, the father-son team that has recently run afoul of the medical authorities in their home state of Maryland. To be clear, the Geiers are frequent annual speakers at AutismOne.

Ms. Bernstein was live tweeting the conference. Yes, she has a viewpoint different than the conference organizers. And, she was with Ken Reibel, a journalist who was ejected a few years back for asking a question of Terry Poling (mother of Hannah Poling).

The response by AutismOne?

It apparently takes 3 security guards and 4 police officers to kick me out. Did I mention I did nothing wrong? #antivaxcon

Yep. 3 security guards and 4 police officers.

Why did they stop there? She is obviously a very imposing figure. She’s the one on the left:

OK, they hooked me. I decided to check out the live stream. I joined 39 other people watching Mark Blaxill tell us the same old mercury story.

The hotel security had no comment, but forwarded me to the Lombard police. Lombard police would not comment either.

The message is clear: don’t show up to AutismOne if you aren’t on board with their message. They will not ask you to leave, they will call in the police.

55 Responses to “AutismOne: Don’t snark on me…we’ve got security and police!”

  1. David N. Brown June 1, 2011 at 09:11 #

    I have long suspected that Autism One’s hypersecurity is driven less by the wishes of the organizers than what “researchers” like Wakefield and the Geiers demand before they go out on a limb speaking before an audience. I gather Mark Geier in particular has at times made comments letting slip that he treats “precocious puberty” as little more or less than a cover story for insurance companies. He would have every reason to be paranoid about whether his statements were being monitored.

    Something else I have thought about is how long Mark Geier would survive if he was charged with child abuse (as I am wholly satisfied he can and should be) and stuck in a prison’s general population. Again, paranoia might be well-founded…

    David N. Brown
    Mesa, Arizona

  2. MJ June 2, 2011 at 01:37 #

    “If she says we were breaking conference rules, then she will be lying to the police.”

    “No recording of any type is allowed without prior written permission. Any individual using audio, video, or other recording or photographic devices without current written authorization from the conference organizers may be required to leave the conference.”



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