Still Closed, but open to reference

27 Nov

As per the title. The comment form is disabled, no new posts will be forthcoming, but you can reference existing posts. The following is why this blog is and will remain closed:

This blog has been going now and in form or another for nearly five years. Its one the oldset autism related blogs on the web. Its charted and reflected my own beliefs as well as Megan’s progress.

Its been the scene of many a happy moment, many a funny moment and many a screaming flame war. None of that really mattered as it was between adults. Adults who all believed, despite their differences, that they were doing what they thought was right, even if we disagreed with each other sometimes.

One of the most personally life-altering events of my life has happened because of this blog. After my wedding and the birth of my children, I think meeting, befriending and spending time with the McCarron family after the killing of Katie was something that I will never forget. We continue to speak every week and I have spoken to Mike as I have spoken to Naomi, my wife, about this choice.

The reason LB/RB is shutting is because I cannot continue to allow my beautiful eldest girl to be exposed to the hatred and bullying she is recieving from John Best. John has seen fit to compare my beautiful child to a trained monkey because he didn’t like the fact she was progressing. He has made numerous jokes at her expense on that theme. He has assumed her identity online. He has encouraged others to do the same.

Let me be clear. I do not care one iota what this cowardly idiot thinks of me. He can write whatever he wants. But he has involved my daughter. Not to reference her progression. Not to quote me. But to laugh at her and to put words in her seven year old mouth.

I genuinely fear for her safety at the hands of this person (I will refrain from calling someone who picks on children ‘a man’). Three days running he has posted blog entries about her, two of which assume her identity and one of which is attempting to gain money in her name. I do not know where he would stop. Therefore the only way to make her safe is to remove us from his presence.

I am also relinquishing any and all control/ownership/admin rights over Autism Hub.

I would like to thank all of the many friends I have made via this blog over the last five years. You were a great support. I would like to urge you to keep up the fight. But maybe remain anonymous. Especially those of you with kids. The John Best’s of this world are more than ready to attack your children.

A small message also to those who are glad to see me go. Enjoy it. But ask yourself if attacking children – disabled children – is the right way to achieve this. Ask John some hard questions. Or don’t ask any questions. But next time you put your child to bed, look at their face and remember my Meg and how it wasn’t truth, science or accuracy that made me leave but one cowardly man who likes to laugh at autistic kids just like yours.

Lastly, many people contributed financially over the last month to LB/RB. I’m sorry your contribution was so short lived. I will make sure any spare money will be donated to a cause you would approve of.

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