Support a Disability-Friendly Stimulus

9 Feb

As noted recently on this blog, the U.S. economic stimulus package may have a big impact on the disability community.

I have concentrated on special education funding, but it goes deeper than that.

ASAN has an action alert on the website. You can fill out a message and it will be sent to your legislators.

From the website:

Today, the Senate will likely pass stimulus legislation that includes substantial cuts in special education, vocational rehabilitation and other disability-related spending provisions as compared to the House version. Afterwards, the Senate and House will reconcile the bills and come up with a consensus version. This action alert enables you to tell your legislators how important it is to keep disability spending provisions fully funded as in the House version.

Please (PLEASE) take a minute and send the message.

3 Responses to “Support a Disability-Friendly Stimulus”

  1. Zachary Lassiter February 10, 2009 at 02:13 #

    This stimulus plan is not disability friendly its no one friendly. Anyone with common sense would not support spending money we do not have.

    I think IDEA Funding in the stimulus package is absolutely stupid. Why are you for spending money we don’t have – for any reason?

  2. RAJ February 12, 2009 at 03:41 #

    Funding for special education in the US is far more complicated than is implied int discussions emenating from UK blogs. Funding for all education, including special education, is the responsibility of local towns and cities. Funding in most states is raised trough property taxes on homes. The state also allocates funds based on the ability of towns to raise enough money to fund all education. Federal funding is a small part of the overall total .

    In wealthy school school districts the schools are state of the art with the best teachers but in poorer communities, schools are poorly funded and can be overcrowded with out of date text books.

    Its a terible system and taxpayers are irate over the rise in property taxes. New Jersey has the ighest property taxes in all of the tates and people are fleeing to other states. I should know, I recently fled NJ and moved to Oklahoma where the property taxes are 1/10th of NJ’s property taxes.

    Its a terrible system and cuts in special education funding nationwide will primarily be found in local and county municipal school budgets.

    Thefollowing link (pdf) shows how special education funding is provided for all 50 states.

    Click to access 7810.pdf

  3. RandomBehaviorist February 12, 2009 at 04:28 #

    States are also cutting spending on Disability services. The State of Idaho cut Developmental Therapy services for children with disabilities 27%. The cuts are part of large spending cuts within the States Medicaid budget.

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