More bad Kirby spin

1 Mar

And it is pretty weak this time, so I’ll make it brief.

David Kirby has a new blog post up on the Age of Autism.

David Kirby: US Health Officials Back Study Idea on Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children – Will Media Take Note?

He reports on a meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee and their consensus statement. Mr. Kirby quotes the Concensus Statement:

As they stated in a draft “consensus statement”:

“(There is) a strong desire to study the health impact of the immunization schedule, potentially through a ‘vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study’. Outcomes to assess include biomarkers of immunity and metabolism, and outcomes including but not limited to neurodevelopmental outcomes, allergies, asthma, immune-mediated diseases, and learning disabilities. The inclusion of autism as an outcome is desired”

Implying that the NVAC has a “strong desire”.

Oh, wait, he didn’t exactly quote, he changed something into (There is). He provides the original, so read and compare:

Public and stakeholder engagement activities have identified a strong desire….

Yeah. It isn’t NVAC who has the “strong desire”, but, well, the organizations Kirby represents (and may be paying him).

Kirby then throws in some of his boilerplate: story ideas he wants others to do.

It isn’t even good spin anymore.

2 Responses to “More bad Kirby spin”

  1. Broken Link March 2, 2009 at 15:28 #

    Yes, the MM is going on and on about why the media doesn’t notice their point of view. Recently, AgeOfAutism posted a whole list of media contact addresses, and exhorted the faithful to press for their point of view to be covered.

    So, today on EoH a couple of members posted their idea of great letters to the media. Yes, sir, these letters will get them noticed all right. But not in a good way. Take a look at these:

  2. Dedj March 2, 2009 at 22:33 #

    When it comes to anything written (or said) by Kirby, I find ‘bad’ is a redundant modifier.

    Saying “Bad Kirby spin” is a bit like saying “Dead murder victim”.

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