5 Aug

There is change at The autism blog there is morphing into a new, broader, disability rights blog.

As Change.Org blogger Dora Raymaker says, “This is As It Should Be”. I think the idea of a disability rights blog is a good one. I think autism as a part of that disability rights blog is an excellent idea.

Both bloggers, Dora Raymaker and Kristina Chew have published their final posts:

AR = DR = HR and Onwards into the Future!


Ave atque Vale,

(those familiar with Prof. Chew will likely be able to guess which post is hers without following the link. )

Both Ms. Raymaker and Dr. Chew will continue to work on disability rights/autism issues. Ms. Raymaker with ASAN’s blog, the Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder, ASAN, SAAL and AASPIRE. Dr. Chew with and her new blog Here We Go With Him.

It seems amazing to me that it has already been eight months since started the autism blog. At the same time, it seems like a short stint for the autism blog. The idea to create a disability rights blog that includes autism is a great idea and I’m glad to see that the body of work Ms. Raymaker and Dr. Chew have created will be incorporated into the new blog.

Estee Klar has noted Kristina Chew’s move:

Kristina Chew’s recent post, Ave Atque Vale, reflected what I’ve been writing for nine months now but less forthrightly. She too recognizes that as Charlie grows, the need to blog and write has shifted focus to disability rights instead of vaccines, therapies and the like. I think it’s really interesting to see how many of our lives are parallel, and this is viewable by following bloggers who began writing in and around the same time (most of them are on The Autism Hub).

It does strike me that the early generation of web-vocal autism parents, with their myriad views, is moving from predominantly young-child based to facing more adult concerns. I am hopeful to see how the myriad views transform in the next couple of years. I am hopeful that autistic rights will become more prominent within the autism-parent discussions.

Change.Org was where I “met” Dora Raymaker. I’m glad she will continue to write. Mostly I’m glad that she will continue to work for disability rights.

As I started this post–there’s change at It looks like good change for the org and good change for the bloggers. I wish them all well in their future endeavors.

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