How to report adverse reactions to supplements

30 Jun

I have often complained that no one seems to be interested in collecting adverse event data from alternative medical treatments. For example, one child who was a test case in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding (the vaccine court) appears to have reacted very negatively to chelation. We only heard about this because the Omnibus proceeding. DAN and other organizations do not seem to be collecting or reporting on adverse events.

I have often read adverse reactions to alternative therapies in online forums. No one seems to consider reporting those.

In searching for information on supplements, I did find this FDA site for reporting adverse reactions.

There is an online form, MedWatch Online Voluntary Reporting Form (3500), which can be used to report adverse events.

I can not find a database comparable to VAERS which has the data from these reports compiled for view. Since I have never read of anyone reporting their bad reaction to an alternative medical treatment, I doubt whatever database the FDA is keeping is very complete.

2 Responses to “How to report adverse reactions to supplements”

  1. Dr Sarah Thornton-Miller April 29, 2011 at 17:08 #

    While the FDA does not collect a formal file ,we are honour bound to log any adverse effects and report them to the FDA. With over 25 years of research in this area the only times we have come across adverse effects is when the dosage in the supplements was to high or there were adverse interactions between some of the ingredients – St Johns Wort and L-Tryptophan for example but these instances can be counted on the fingers of 1 hand in this period.The vast majority of supplements do not have any adverse side effects if they have been formulated correctly.Read testimonials and do your research

    Dr Sarah Thornton-Miller (MBBS) is a highly respected London based brain specialist with 25 years of research focus on the effects of the many naturally occurring nutrients found in popular brain supplements in helping control anxiety as well as successfully treating depression, helping the brain relearn how to focus or easing attention deficit disorders


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