OSR pulled from the market….or is it?

3 Aug

Here on LeftBrainRightBrain we recently discussed a letter from Boyd Haley, Ph.D. announcing his decision to voluntarily remove his product, OSR #1 from the market. The letter from Mr. Haley stated (in part):

The product will not be available for sale after that date until new drug approval has been obtained. Please continue to access our website, http://www.ctiscience.com , for updates on OSR#1® in the future.

The CTI website is down, and has been for a few days. The message I get when try it is:

HTTP Status 404 –

type Status report


description The requested resource () is not available.

Two locations I checked are still selling OSR.

The Forrest Health site has the letter from Mr. Haley noting that he has pulled the product from the market. They not only let you buy it, but they require that you purchase 3 or more “Note: you must order at least 3 items”.

Living Well International has OSR on their site as well. In response to my email, they response to my email request, “Do you still have OSR#1 for sale?”, they responded “Yes we do. It is $60 for a box of 30”

I do wonder how long before someone decides to make his or her own batch of OSR. Mr. Haley has been quoted as stating it was not difficult. The published recipe for the chemical indicates a few potential concerns. First, the chemicals are themselves not without hazards.


Liquid causes first degree burns on short exposure; [CHRIS] Corrosive to skin; [Quick CPC] Short-term exposure at high concentrations may cause pulmonary edema. [ICSC] A lachrymator; [CHEMINFO] Experimental animals exposed repeatedly to 100 ppm show evidence of liver, kidney, lung, and heart damage. [HSDB] A corrosive substance that can cause pulmonary edema; [ICSC]

Chloroform has relatively high LD50 values (the amount where 50% of exposed animals die). But the MSDS lists reproductive toxicity as:

Birth defects have been seen in rats and mice exposed by inhalation of chloroform at concentrations greater than 100 ppm in air. Ingestion of chloroform by pregnant laboratory animals has resulted in fetotoxicity but not birth defects, and only at levels causing severe maternal effects.

Isophthaloyl chloride is only listed as an eye/skin irritant. I won’t go down the list of all the chemicals. I think you get the idea. It is likely that a competent chemist with a reasonable laboratory (including a fume hood and access to nitrogen gas) could produce “bathtub OSR” reasonably safely. I frankly cringe at the thought of someone attempting this at home. I will add, the yield of the published process for producing this chemical is about 72% without optimization. This begs the question to me as to how clean the product is in this form.

4 Responses to “OSR pulled from the market….or is it?”

  1. Sullivan August 3, 2010 at 01:53 #

    I found this cached version of a webpage on the FDA site


    Note that the warning letter to CTI Science (the company that makes OSR) was in the “spotlight” category under “Medication Health Fraud”

  2. brian August 3, 2010 at 03:04 #


    Since it’s obvious that to survive on the GS salary all of the evil, child-hating scientists at the agency of course rely on regular kick-backs from Big Pharma, the fact that OSR#1 is featured on the FDA website as a prominent example of “Medication Health Fraud” must be a marketing coup for the manufacturers.

  3. Kathleen Seidel August 3, 2010 at 14:00 #

    These folks seem to think that the FDA warning applies only to Boyd Haley and CTI Science, and not to the substance OSR/BDTH2. Or perhaps they understand exactly what the warning means, but figured they could move plenty of product before FDA gets around to sending them their own warning letter, and that the potential profit and likely minimal consequences would justify a last-minute investment in Haley’s inventory.

    Under the circumstances, I’ll be interested to see how (or whether) Haley responds to this part of the warning: “Furthermore, please advise this office what actions you will take to address product that you have already distributed.”

    As for the “bathtub OSR” scenario — I wouldn’t want to live near anyone who decided to try that any more than I’d want to live next door to a meth lab.

    • Sullivan August 3, 2010 at 18:03 #

      ““Furthermore, please advise this office what actions you will take to address product that you have already distributed.””

      His public actions appear to be to give his customers 1 week’s notice and keep selling.

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