A look back on autism blogging

6 Oct

A post on Autism Street is entitled “Epilogue“. In it, Do’C gives a look backwards on his experiences online in the past few years. Autism Street was one of my mainstays when I first started reading blogs. Before reading autism blogs I had almost no exposure to blogs. I can’t recall how exactly I got into reading blogs but I recall some of the ones I read.

Obviously, I’ve read Kev’s blogging for some time. I was reading when the domain name was under his name and not LeftBrainRightBrain. I met Do’C once and he asked me how I used to find the blogs to read. I told him that I would take some of the sites with long blog rolls (LBRB being one, Neurodiversity.com being another) and would just go down the blog roll, reading whatever was new on each blog.

A lot of the blogs I’ve read have either stopped or slowed down. A lot of them I don’t remember. But here are some of them.

AutismDiva. The Diva has retired. For those who keep speculating, yes, she is retired and not morphed into some other online persona. The Diva was a persona, not the personality of the actual blogger. The Diva had an amazing wit, and it bothered many who were the target. I think it sometimes masked the fact that the Diva cared a lot about autistic people. The Diva gave me some of the best advice I got as a blogger. One piece was that bloggers should give themselves permission to stop.

I find it very strange that it has been three years since the last Diva post.

Asperger Square 8. A different brand of humor than the Diva, but amazing humor at the same time. Again, the real message was under the humor. Square 8 is not very active these days and I miss that very much.

I recall when Kev first blogged about a Autism News Beat. This is not a high-quantity blog, but again a sharp wit and some amazing pieces. ANB works from a journalist’s perspective. He has attended alt-medicine conferences and reported on them.

A Photon in the Darkness blog is and has been a great resource. Prometheus has been blogging since 2005. Prometheus has an a level of scientific expertise which is rare in blogging. Not absent, but rare.

No blogger is as thorough as Kathleen Seidel at Neurodiversity.com. Her series on the Geier’s revealed questionable institutional review boards, questionable therapies, well, lots of questions about the Geiers. Lots of answers too. Those answers prompted a subpoena from a vaccine-injury lawyer who often hires the Geier team. A subpoena which was quashed, but not until after it made nationwide news.

The Autism Natural Variation blog is and has been one of my favorites. There was a time when every three months the California Department of Developmental Services would put out new statistics. David Kirby and Rick Rollens would immediately use those statistics to claim that vaccines cause autism, and Joseph and Do’C would desconsruct the spin. I recall one time when Mr. Kirby and Mr. Rollens couldn’t agree. One claimed that the autism count went down, one claimed that the count went up. Both claimed this as proof that vaccines cause autism. Joseph and Do’C were always there and always solid with responses.

I could go on and on. There have been so many really good blogs. The ones above are just the few that came readily to mind. What strikes me is that the ones that did come readily to mind are blogs which have largely dropped off in output over time.

What is very interesting at this time is the reformulation of the Autism Hub. Many of the older blogs, some very good newer ones. One new one that caught my eye is Corina Becker’s “No Stereotypes Here” and another “new” blog is Kristina Chew’s “We go with him“. Krisina Chew amazed me with her prolific blogging in her old blog.

The above are just observations and memories, not a list of “top” blogs or anything of that sort. Just a few of those which stand out in my memory today. Tomorrow the list may be different.

8 Responses to “A look back on autism blogging”

  1. Barbara October 7, 2010 at 12:16 #

    Autism Diva was my inspiration. She is very much missed.

  2. ANB October 8, 2010 at 03:52 #

    I had no idea there were autism blogs until I read some anti-vaxers complaining on a list serve about Autism Diva. That’s what got me started.

  3. Sullivan October 8, 2010 at 18:43 #

    I knew I would keep remembering blogs that influenced me. I recall Alyric being very helpful, but in ways other than the blog. The blog is here: http://alyric.blogspot.com/

  4. Kristina October 10, 2010 at 01:43 #

    Just wanted to thank you for the mention and for all your good work. Blogging in such good company and community makes all the difference.

  5. daedalus2u October 10, 2010 at 02:21 #

    It was while reading the Autism Diva’s “you might be an aspie if” that the scales fell from my eyes and confirmed for me my self-diagnosis. Her blog inspired me to start blogging too. Countering the nonsense of the anti-vaxers has been a battle that many of us have shared, and I think it has made a difference for those who want to be in the reality based community.

    My blogging has slowed too. I am trying to focus on getting my nitric oxide ideas out to a broader audience. I have filled in a lot of details, far too many to blog about.

  6. Barbara October 12, 2010 at 16:21 #

    @Sullivan I agree about Alyric. In fact she was one of the first people I met online, in the early 2000s and we did some work together in disposing of a particularly nasty piece of writing from the NAS website (with help from Mike Stanton). A great loss.
    I met Autism Diva at an online conference in 2004 (I think). Together she and I set about John Best Jnr, from opposite sides of the pond. I’d gone to battle with the MMR groups here, and it was wonderful to meet a fellow spirit. Now I read Kristina, and Mike, and LBRB, and Michelle Dawson – sometimes others. I’m so glad these are still around.

  7. Corina Becker October 14, 2010 at 18:49 #

    Wow. I remember starting up No Stereotypes Here, as basically just a place to post my autism opinion pieces and rantings, and some of the responses I’ve made to parents and such, so that I wouldn’t have to go looking for it on my Livejournal when I wanted to show people.

    And now… wow.

    There’s this little “really? what I actually said was good?” thought that pops up whenever I find someone has recommended NSH, or has it listed on their blogroll. Then I blush and try to hide my face in my shirt collar.

    Cause I remember reading the Diva and everyone, and being in awe, and now there’s people linking me????


    So, um, I was going to say something like thank you, hope to continue doing good work and such, but, um, I’m kinda speechless right now.

    Thanks! 😀


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