Video of IMFAR Press Conference (with thank to WrongPlanet)

13 May

Alex Plank is at IMFAR with a video team and they taped the press conference. Mr. Plank runs the Wrong Planet website (where you can see this and many other great videos).

The press conference was just over 1 hour. You can skip around to find parts that may interest you.

Here is a rundown of the press conference, and the slides:

Introduction 1: Dana Marnane of Autism Speaks
Introduction 2: David Amaral of U.C. Davis
Panelist 1: Antonio Hardan of Stanford slides
Panelist 2: Irva Hertz-Picciotto of U.C. Davis (slides)
Panelist 3: David Mandell of U. Penn slides and more slides
Panelist 4: Eric Courchesne of U.C. San Diego. (slides)

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