Interviews from IMFAR: Alex Plank brings the conference to the public

18 May

One of the unexpected joys of attending the IMFAR conference this year was meeting Alex Plank of Wrong Planet. I plan on writing more about Alex soon, but for the moment, let me bring you some of the interviews he did. His team is the same one that brought us the press conference. That was no small effort. They were up most of the night getting that out so fast. As you will see, Alex takes videography very seriously. As such, I would recommend playing these full screen or going to YouTube and playing them in a larger format that is afforded by out column size. It’s quality work. I love the way he’s working with various locations in these interviews.

John Robison at Imfar

David Mandell at IMFAR 2011

Clara Lajonchere, VP of Clinical Programs at IMFAR

Peter Bell of Autism Speaks – IMFAR Interview in San Diego

Geraldine Dawson Interview

One Response to “Interviews from IMFAR: Alex Plank brings the conference to the public”

  1. sharon May 19, 2011 at 05:52 #

    I haven’t got through them all yet, but how cool is that interview with John?

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