Mark Geier: under scrutiny in more states

29 Jul

In Home Autism doctor here under scrutiny, The St. Louis Post Dispatch discusses investigations ongoing in Illinois:

A autism doctor who operates clinics in St. Peters and Springfield, Ill., has been suspended in two states for alleged mistreatment of children.

Dr. Mark Geier has been accused of misdiagnosing children with early puberty and treating them with high doses of Lupron, a drug used to suppress the hormone testosterone.

A hearing will be held on August 22nd to consider Dr. Geier’s license in the state of Illinois.

The Post Dispatch notes that Dr. Geier’s hypotheses and methods are far from generally accepted:

Dr. John Constantino, a psychiatry professor and leading autism researcher at Washington University, said Geier “understands the tools of science but has applied them in questionable ways” to justify specific treatments.

“There is currently no scientific evidence to support the clinical use of Lupron to treat autism in anything other than carefully conducted research trials,” Constantino said.

Autism News Beat in Castration doctor’s license now suspended in four states notes:

Dr. Mark Geier, the Maryland physician who chemically castrates disabled children, is still licensed to practice medicine in seven states, down from eleven. Four states have suspended or revoked his privileges since April 27, when his home state took action against him. Washington followed on May 26, then Virginia on June 9. On June 29, Indiana issued an emergency 90-day suspension, citing the Maryland action.

4 Responses to “Mark Geier: under scrutiny in more states”

  1. MikeMa July 29, 2011 at 02:06 #

    Is his son under investigation for practicing without a license in any of those other states?

  2. Julian Frost July 29, 2011 at 12:01 #

    As far as I can tell, no. He only “diagnosed” (quotes as he is not an MD) children at his Dad’s Maryland clinic.

  3. David N. Brown August 3, 2011 at 06:01 #

    On the lighter side, Tim Bolen AKA the Bolenator has indicated that he was hired by the Geiers or someone associated with them, and claims that Mark Geier has already successfully appealed his suspension in a proceeding that was closed to the public, that his troubles in all states are soon to disappear, and that he will then sue the MD medical board, Kathleen Seidel and/or many other critics. Judging from the Bolenator’s record, this is a sure sign Geier is doomed.

    On a more serious note, here’s something odd I noticed when I looked M Geier up in Kentucky:
    License: 43228 Status: Active Physician Expiration: 2/29/2012 0:00:00 Practice County: None/Retired

    Does this mean he’s not considered an active physician in KY?


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