Autism Science Foundation to host online chat with Jill Locke tomorrow (Friday)

26 Apr

Jill Locke is a researcher (a post-doc) at the Center for Autism Research at the U. Pennsylvania. Here is her biography from the CAR website:

Dr. Locke is a post-doctoral research fellow at the Center for Autism Research. She completed her doctorate degree in Educational Psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. Jill worked with Dr. Connie Kasari at the UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment where she contributed to multiple randomized controlled treatment trials that examined the effects of targeted social skills interventions on the peer relationships and social networks of elementary-aged children with autism in the Los Angeles public schools. She created a social skills assessment tool using the Q-Sort methodology for her dissertation that investigated the differences in teachers’ and classroom aides’ perceptions of social competence in children with and without autism spectrum disorders as well as how these perceptions related to teacher-student and peer relationships.

Jill’s research interests are in social skills training and friendship/relationship development in children and adolescents with autism. She is also interested in exploring the ways in which treatment gains in intervention programs are generalized and sustained over time as well as the delivery to and sustainability of evidence-based practices in community settings.

She will be participating in a live chat on the Autism Science Foundation’s Facebook page tomorrow (Friday, April 27) at 12 noon Eastern time.

If you want an idea of what these online chats look like, transcripts are online for last week’s chat with Stephen Shore, Marcus Center Autism Research Dr. Celine Saulnier, and Yale Autism Scientist Dr. Kevin Pelphrey.

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