A rare opportunity: a congressional autism hearing

23 Nov

A hearing is scheduled for next week by the a committee of the U.S. House of representatives: the Committee on Oversight & Government Refiorm. The Committee’s hearing is entitled:

1 in 88 Children: A Look Into the Federal Response to Rising Rates of Autism

This gives a rare opportunity to contact a member of congress when autism is on the agenda. There are many ways to do so. Consider taking the time to let people known what you think is important.

The Committee has a webpage and the Minority party (currently the Democrats) maintain a separate page. Neither site has an electronic method for feedback that I can see.

However, feedback is possible via phone and fax: Phone: (202) 225-5074 Fax: (202) 225-3974.

I have set up a webpage where you can fax the committee.

Comments can be left on the committee main  Facebook page
Minority party (Democrats) Facebook page

The committee webpage lists @darellissa (the chairman) as their Twitter handle.

In addition, the Autistic Self Advocacy Network has a Facebook event and will be gathering a group to attend the hearing.

At A Diary of a Mom, it has been suggested that one cont acre the Chair, Darrell Issa directly through his website.

The committee members are listed here and one should feel free to contact them, especially if you are in their district.

If you are able to attend, the hearing is Nov. 29 2:00 pm in 2154 Rayburn House Office Building.

To be clear, this is a committee hearing from a lame duck congress. No legislation is being considered at present. There will be some science, much politics and, I expect, more than a little theater (although I admit where politics ends and theater begins is not well defined).

Word is that the hearing will include government and non government members in two panels.

Alan Guttmacher, NIH NICHD
Coleen Boyle, CDC

Bob Wright, Autism Speaks
Scott Badesch, Autism Society
Mark Blaxill, Safe Minds
Rebecca Landa, Center for Autism and Related Disorders Kennedy Krieger Institute

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