California Police Ignored, Mishandled Sex Assaults Reported by Disabled

30 Nov

This story from The Daily Beast: California Police Ignored, Mishandled Sex Assaults Reported by Disabled. Obviously potentially a trigger.

We’ve discussed sexual assaults in group homes in California in the past few years. Police made some of those cases priorities. The Daily Beast story discusses cases where there is a lack of even basic OK investigation:

Patients at California’s board-and-care centers for the developmentally disabled have accused caretakers of molestation and rape 36 times during the past four years, but police assigned to protect them did not complete even the simplest tasks associated with investigating the alleged crimes, records and interviews show.

3 Responses to “California Police Ignored, Mishandled Sex Assaults Reported by Disabled”

  1. Anne November 30, 2012 at 17:27 #

    The in-house police force run by DDS is not working. Clearly there needs to be a real police presence to investigate crimes committed against this most vulnerable of populations by employees of DDS institutions. This is intolerable.

  2. amy November 30, 2012 at 18:17 #

    I think its a damn shame that the ones that are suppose to protect and serve can’t even do their job.


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    […] Rather than focus on the “costs”, I’d rather focus on what can make a person’s life better. Is the reward of a job merely the salary? I don’t think so. For those who experience even greater challenges, giving a person the ability to self-advocate to the point of not being an even bigger target is invaluable. It could stop problems like those discussed here recently. […]

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