Autism Speaks: Statement on Newtown, Connecticut

15 Dec

Autism Speaks has issued the following statement on the Coonecticut school shooting yesterday:

Statement on Newtown, Connecticut

Statement on Newtown, Connecticut

Our hearts go out to the families and town of Newtown, Connecticut in the wake of this heartbreaking event. Several media outlets are reporting that the shooter might have had an autism spectrum disorder. Some have also inaccurately reported that there is a linkage between autism and planned violence. We ask that blame not be placed on people with disabilities or disorders in the midst of these types of tragedies and that everyone keep the families of Newtown in their prayers.

Elizabeth Feld
President, Autism Speaks

Edit to add: I posted this statement in full without asking permission of Autism Speaks. It is short enough to make it difficult to pull sections out for a discussion. I greatly appreciate Autism Speaks making this statement. I am not associated with Autism Speaks (or any autism organization).

2 Responses to “Autism Speaks: Statement on Newtown, Connecticut”

  1. psychtld December 16, 2012 at 14:40 #

    Also not affiliated in anyway with Autism Speaks, but pleased to see that they published this statement. Of late, there’s been a steady media trend for linking all the violent events of this nature to autism in some way, purely because of certain features that crop up in both autistic people and prople who end up committing violent acts.

    If only behavioural science were that fucking simple… but it is not! And I wish the media would just stop and think before they did this sort of crap.

  2. LOB December 18, 2012 at 18:32 #

    Reblogged this on LOB ars communication´s virtual comments und kommentierte:
    Good to know!

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