IACC conference call this week

21 Dec

Earlier this week the IACC met via conference call to finalize the Strategic Plan updates for 2012.  A 2-day workshop on the updates had to be cancelled due to hurricane Sandy.  Below are just a few fragments of discussions that occurred during the meeting.

Drafts of the updates can be found on the IACC’s website. And final versions will be posted as soon as they are completed.

The meeting started with a discussion of whether the IACC should issue a statement following the speculation that the shooter at Newtown Connecticut was autistic.  Such a statement has been prepared and will be released shortly.

One public comment noted the lack of support for a family trying to navigate the extra hurdles a family with disabilities faced following Sandy.  Some of the federal members noted that there are resources specifically focused on vulnerable populations. I am trying to get more specifics on that now.

Each question of the Plan was discussed and modified, sometimes with word smithing and sometimes with more extensive edits.  The question on treatments in particular had a great deal of discussion and edits were prepared real-time by OARC staff. There is a good team supporting IACC and it was impressive to see them continue to keep making notes on the discussion while preparing significant edits for approval during the call.

One question that came up during the discussions was that of immigrant populations and autism prevalence. There has been much discussion of the Somali-American community and autism and Idil Abdul spoke of the concerns of that community. Two studies had come out in then past year, one from Sweden and one from the Netherlands, suggesting higher autism prevalence for immigrant communities in those countries.  This highlights the fact that we don’t have autism prevalence data for most of the world.  To my knowledge there are a few from northern Africa, possibly none from sub-Saharan Africa and South America, little or none from south Asia.

The UK adult autism prevalence study was discussed and the fact that little is known about the adult population in the U.S..

Obviously much more was discussed in the whole day meeting.  Much of that can be found in the draft documents linked to above.

By Matt Carey

Note: I serve as a public member to the IACC but my comments here and elsewhere are my own.

One Response to “IACC conference call this week”

  1. Kyienemclalue December 23, 2015 at 01:51 #

    Oh I love the blog. We are in the middle of fitgihng for my grandson. One doc gave him an exemption in 2007 to NEVER have to have another immunization. In 2008 upon his kindergarden entrance another doc at the same clinic over-rode the exemption. We were told we had 7 months to appeal it to the state health officer. In Oct ’08 they called and put him out of kindergarden because he did not have his last DPT and Polio. We had his blood checked and he was immune to the MMR so that one was marked off. We have appealed to the state health officer and are waiting that reply. We pray that God will work it out HIS way. I am home-schooling him. It is a blessing as well as a JOB. Wow. Maybe the children are better off not in the government run school system. They have kicked God out of everything. I live in WV. We cannot even have a religious exemption in this state. FREEDOM in America, ha, what a joke. We have been through the grinding mill with the so called medical PROFESSION, another joke. My grandson had luekemoid reaction from vaccinations when he was less than a year and he suffered nearly a year before good health returned to him. A pediatrician hematologist told us to never let him have another vaccine. Of course we were dumb back then and did not get the records in writing. He has since left town with no way to contact the man that we can find. The local clinic cannot release to us the info he sent them without his permission.(So they say.) So to make a long story short, we feel the state health officer is probably in bed with the local clinics and doctors so we are wasting our time on the appeal. I would just like to see fairness but we all know our government system has no such thing going on. Yes, we only want freedom to choose concerning the health of our children. I could write a book on what the “system” has come up with and put us through but you already know lots of things they do wrong to us. I do pray for a miraculous way to educate the moms and dads who follow doctor orders no matter what and will not even attempt to read about the facts of vaccines. College educated people will not listen to the other side of vaccines. To sum it up, we must work harder and pray harder for this mess to be stopped. Thanks for sharing.

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