San Francisco Chronicle: Texas Senate passes special education cameras bill

4 Apr

A big question is how does one monitor the status of a special education classroom when the students are unable to communicate effectively? With a non disabled child, or a disabled child who can communicate well, a parent can ask the child what is going on in the classroom and know to some degree of certainty what is going on. A parent can find out if, for example, another child is a bully or if the teacher is not treating students well. But for some classes, this is not the case. The parents must rely on the teacher reports. And changes in behavior for their children.

Such was the case in New Jersey last year when a parent sent his kid to school with a recording device. The child was having more difficuties with time and the father found that staff were verbally abusing the students.

Another state, Texas, has now passed a law requiring video monitoring in specual education classrooms. The San Francisco Chronicle discusses this in: Texas Senate passes special education cameras bill.

By Matt Carey

One Response to “San Francisco Chronicle: Texas Senate passes special education cameras bill”

  1. nordling2013 April 5, 2013 at 21:14 #

    I am a little ambivalent about this. We want to be sure to protect our kids, but there is also a little big-brotherish about it.

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