Tax form for American Citizens for Health Choice

1 Aug

With the recent article on the financial documents for the Canary Party, it’s worth noting that the same team behind the Canary Party has a charity “American Citizens For Health Choice”. They have a site, A while back I discussed them in the comments for a Canary Party article. As a charity they file tax forms (form 990) which are made public. Here’s their 2012 form. They had $74,000 in revenue and $60,638 in expenses.

So, don’t think that just because money isn’t going to the Canary Party that this team is backing off.

Of their revenue, $4,440 is listed as “public support” which suggests to this observer that the remaining was fronted by their officers. Ms. Larson and Mr. Blaxill contributed large sums to their Canary Party project (and to politicians) in the past.

As with the Canary Party, travel is a large chunk of expenses. Not as much detail as with the Canary Party, but they spent about $12k on travel and another $17k on expo/trade shows.

By Matt Carey

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