Bay Area Day of Mourning: Program Information and List of Names

2 Mar

I was unable to make the Bay Area Day of Mourning in person. Here’s an account, including a list of those named.

This list is long. Very long. And this is just those we know about.

Disability Visibility Project

Bay Area Day of Mourning

Mourn for the Dead. Fight like Hell for the Living!

On Sunday, March 1, 2015, the Bay Area disability community gathered at the Ed Roberts Campus to remember and mourn the deaths of disabled people at the hands of their parents, caregivers or care providers or by law enforcement and other authorities. The event this year was co-organized by Brent White and Corbett Joan OToole.

The Day of Mourning is in its fifth year with similar local events taking place in cities across the US and internationally.

Below is the program, what you can do after the Day of Mourning, and the list of names recited at the event. This list for 2015 has 224 names of disabled people who were murdered since 2000. The list is created from three communities: the ASAN list, a list of people killed by authority figures, and a list…

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