Lilady: goodbye, old friend.

26 May

As some of you may know from other writers online, lilady, frequent commenter here at Left Brain/Right Brain, has passed away. She’s known online now largely for her efforts combating misinformation about disability and also vaccines. But her best work was in advocating for her son, who had very significant disability. From her last comment here:

My son was born with a rare genetic disorder which caused multiple and profound physical, intellectual and medical impairment (pancytopenia, including leukopenia We depended on herd immunity to protect him…and parents who did not opt out of vaccines for their children

Lilady fought hard for appropriate placement for her son and her “other son”, back in the day when it was even harder than it is now to accomplish this.

I knew her through emails as well as comments and sincerely regret not meeting her in person when I had the chance. I thought I would have the chance again but it didn’t come to pass.

I will miss her greatly. She was more than an online and offline advocate. She was a friend. I wish her family well and thank them for loaning her to us.

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by Matt Carey

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