Action Alert: Last Chance to Save Our Services. Californians, it’s time to push again for

1 Jun

Services for the disabled in California have seen budget cuts for recent years. It’s time to change that trend.

Below is an email from The Arc & United Cerebral Palsy California Collaboration. Please read and take the time to follow the links and push to protect developmental services in California.

Dear Developmental Disability Community Friends,

Two weeks from today (Monday), the Legislature will have passed the budget that decides whether our community services survive or continue to disintegrate.

If you or someone you love needs those services, or will need them when they get older, is saving the services worth enough to make two calls and send one more email today or tomorrow?

It’s all now in the hands of the two leaders of the Legislature’s Democrats (Senator Kevin de Leon and Assembly Member Toni Atkins) and the six members of the budget conference committee (Senators Mark Leno, Ricardo Lara, and Jim Nielsen and Assembly Members Shirley Weber, Richard Bloom, and Melissa Melendez).

At this late point, those eight decision-makers will listen to the people in the eight districts they represent, to the other 112 legislators, and to Governor Brown. For some of them, that may be all.

If you live in the district of one of those eight, you probably already have an Action Alert from me imploring you to call them. If you haven’t got it, please email me now ( and I’ll send it to you.

And no matter where you live, I’m asking you to call and email your own Senate and Assembly representatives to urge them to talk to the decision-makers from their own parties. Here’s how:

1. Click here and follow the prompts. You’ll get your two legislators’ Sacramento numbers, party affiliations, and some possible talking points.

2. Read the talking points and decide what you want to say.

3. If you’ve ever talked to someone in your senator’s or assembly member’s district office near you or their Sacramento office, call that person now. Otherwise, call the legislator’s Sacramento office.

4. Say what you have to say politely but very clearly. If your voice sounds impassioned, or it shakes, all the better.

5. When you’re done, email me and let me know the results.

6. Then send an email to your senator and assemblymember, no matter how many you’ve sent them already. This one is new.


Now more than ever, thank you for your advocacy.


PS. And please forward this Action Alert to everyone you know. Since it’s coming from you, some of them will respond.

Greg deGiere
Public Policy Director
The Arc & United Cerebral Palsy California Collaboration
1225 Eighth Street, Suite 350, Sacramento, CA 95814
916-552-6619 x4

By Matt Carey

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