So, you supposed champions of autistic minorities, why aren’t you commenting on the new autism prevalence report?

17 Nov

One of the first things I check when I see a new study on autism prevalence is how the prevalence varies among racial and ethnic sub populations. In the U.S., this usually means comparing autism rates among Caucasians to that among African Americans and Hispanics (the most reported minority groups). I am especially interested given that in the past year the groups that promote the failed notion that autism is a vaccine-induced-epidemic have tried to position themselves as champions of the African American community.

So with the new autism prevalence study out, I decided to check on what these various “champions” are saying. I look specifically because the reported autism prevalence estimate is slightly lower among African Americans and much lower among Hispanics.

AutPrevalence race-ethnicity

In case you want the conclusion–few of these groups seem to have even read the new study, and none of them have anything to say about the disparities among racial/ethnic communities.

And this is a shame. Under diagnosis means under-served autistics. It means autistics likely getting the wrong supports.

Here’s a non scientific survey of various groups and their reactions to the new autism prevalence study:

The Age of Autism blog has New Estimate 1 in 45 American Children Have Autism. There’s no evidence that whoever put this article up actually bothered to read the CDC report. Much less comment on the racial disparity reported.

This should shock Americans for two reasons. One, the sheer epidemic numbers of this life and demographic landscape altering diagnosis is appalling and unacceptable. Two, the CDC continues to prove its inability to keep track of American medical conditions and provide any measure of protection. Like school shootings, autism has continued to rage across the nation unabated. Cui bono? Not families. Not the children, many of whom are now young adults.

The article is just listed as “Posted by Age of Autism” but the wording is very characteristic of Kim Stagliano. Likening autism to schoo shootings that continue “to rage across the nation unabated” is very much in her style. It’s not a style I appreciate. My child is not like a school shooting, thank you very much Age of Autism, and you are doing zero to help and much to harm my child’s chances for a better life with your stigmatizing approach.

Focus for Health (formerly Focus Vaccines), the organization that funded the Brian Hooker “reanalysis” of the CDC data and the media campaign to try to create a controversy around the so-called link between the MMR and autism in African American boys? They have a confusing article “Do vaccines cause autism?” which doesn’t address the question of race/ethnicity at all.

“Dr. Bob” Sears, who recently claimed to speak for all autistic students in California posted a link to a TACA (Talk about Curing Autism) blog article. TACA gives little indication that they read he CDC study beyond the one number, and doesn’t address racial/ethnic disparities at all. The TACA article is titled Autism is now 1 in 45 – will anyone listen?. Hey, Lisa Akerman–Autism is STILL under diagnosed in the Hispanic community. When will you listen? And, “Dr. Bob”, gee thanks for cutting and pasting a link to someone else’s blog post. That’s going to make a change in our community. And by “our” I don’t include you.

Andrew Wakefield’s “Autism Media Channel” copied a link to an NBC article about the new study. Nothing more. Wakefield and his Autism Media Channel were the primary force in promoting the supposed controversy about the MMR vaccine and African American boys. Well, the autism prevalence is slightly lower in African Americans, Wakefield. And much lower in Hispanics. Do you care?

The self-named (and inaccurately named) National Vaccine Information Center is another group that only put a link to someone else on their facebook page. And, you guessed it, nothing about race/ethinic groups.

I don’t see anything on the Generation Rescue blog, but a short blurb on their Facebook page that, again, looks like they didn’t even read the study. Much less comment on under served communities.

OK, basically nothing so far. Let’s look at some of the smaller players in the vaccines-cause-autism arena. Like the “Thinking Mom’s Revolution”. Nothing on their Facebook page or their blog that I can see about the new prevalence numbers. So, naturally, nothing about under served communities. They do have a few FB posts asking people to take a survey (because an online survey only advertised to a skewed demographic is accurate, right?). The survey is calling asking if people want a congressional hearing on vaccines.

By Matt Carey

3 Responses to “So, you supposed champions of autistic minorities, why aren’t you commenting on the new autism prevalence report?”

  1. lowbudgetdave November 17, 2015 at 10:42 #

    I was at an “autism walk” last year, and the announcer listed a few statistics. One of the announcements said that if current trends continue, one out of every three children will be autistic within 50 years.

    My wife leaned over and said: “I am pretty sure that is not how statistics work.” I reminded her of the old Stephen Wright joke: “When I turned two, I got worried because I had doubled my age in a single year. At that rate, by the time I turned 7, I would be 64 years old.”

  2. Todd W. November 20, 2015 at 18:00 #

    Matt, of course they didn’t bother reading it. 1) Reading a scientific paper is hard. 2) If they did, their preconceptions might be challenged.

    • Ashok December 23, 2015 at 01:52 #

      mercury is out of vaccines as of April 2008 is claerly lying.You cant eliminate disease or illness if you allow the cause to continue.A simple thing like nits never stops to amaze me.The removal of nits from everyones hair on one day would result in it being a health problem of the past.It continues to make millions for the pharma industry and chemicals not unrelated in their action to mercury.Place this neurotoxin on the head of the child and leave to soak in for 12 hours.Is this not CONSPIRACY? In the army short hair is one way out of a nit crisis. Does the pharma companies have an interest in eradicating a health problem or do they want to make piles of money?France does have a good health system but the chemists or pharmacie seems to be one of the few shops or magazines that survive in even the smallest towns and cities.Once a child becomes autistic the costs of the child become astronomic. This in itself is of concern to a conspiracist that believes not everyone is a saint in our world and not every tyrant is immediately obvious.

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