PBS NewsHour: What the candidates offer to Americans with disabilities, a growing voting bloc

4 Nov

The PBS NewsHour has a segment up about the upcoming U.S. election and the disability community.

Unlike in past presidential contests, disability is something both campaigns have addressed this cycle, if sometimes inadvertently. More than 35 million Americans with disabilities will be eligible to vote, making up almost one-sixth of the electorate. Judy Woodruff gets views from both Clinton and Trump supporters on how they’re voting.

Unfortunately, wordpress.com won’t let me embed the video, so here is the link:


The NewsHour does a good job of actually bringing in the viewpoints of people with disabilities, including an autistic young man who communicates his thoughts on this topic through a letter board.

The NewsHour also does a good job of bringing in both sides of the discussion: people with disabilities who support Clinton and who support Trump.

That said, Donald Trump is clearly a bad choice for the disability communities. Given what a disaster he would be as a president in general, his disability policy (or, lack thereof) and respect for people with disabilities (or, lack thereof) are sometimes lost in the noise of this election. But make no mistake, Donald Trump is just flat out bad for the disability communities.

By Matt Carey

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