Hey Amazon, here’s another autism-treatment book to consider delisting

15 Mar

As the parent of an autistic child, let me start by saying “Thank You, Amazon, for removing books with harmful fake autism treatments from your offerings.” Seriously. One great example is Kerri Rivera’s book on using bleach to “treat” autism.

For readers who don’t know about this, here’s an article on Disability Scoop: Amazon Yanks Books Touting Autism ‘Cures’.

That said, there are many more books that you should consider removing. One that comes to mind is The Autism Book: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Early Detection, Treatment, Recovery, and Prevention (Sears Parenting Library).

As of right now, still for sale on Amazon.com.

This is by Dr. Bob Sears. As part of the Sears family, he may seem to have some credibility. Or you just missed it.

Dr. Bob promotes chelation, among other dubious ‘treatments’. Here is but one paragraph from his book:

Here’s a page by the Mayo Clinic on autism and chelation. It starts with this line:

Chelation therapy is not an effective autism treatment, and it may be dangerous.

Among the other questionable therapies you can find in his book are antiviral treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and IV immune globulins.

If you are serious about removing books that promote potentially dangerous therapies, consider removing this one.

By Matt Carey

5 Responses to “Hey Amazon, here’s another autism-treatment book to consider delisting”

  1. Chris March 16, 2019 at 20:12 #

    I noticed some other books are still on Amazon, along with many others :

    Melanie’s Marvelous Measles by Stephanie Messenger

    How to End the Autism Epidemic by J.B. Handley

    Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and The Forgotten History by Suzanne Humphries MD, Roman Bystrianyk

    Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coercive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health, and Our Children by Louise Kuo Habakus (Editor), Mary Holland (Editor), Kim Mack Rosenberg (Editor)

    Vaccines 2.0: The Careful Parent’s Guide to Making Safe Vaccination Choices for Your Family by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill

    Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future by Mark Blaxill, and Dan Olmsted

  2. wzrd1 March 17, 2019 at 00:25 #

    I highly recommend chelation for anyone who has heavy metal toxicity, per lab results, not some BS opinion of a quack stealing your money via willful malpractice.
    I highly recommend hyperbaric chamber treatment for those suffering from decompression sickness.
    Might espouse a willful, out of a controlled study group, group of patients for hyperbaric treatment for burns, frankly, I’m beyond dubious. But, that at least, is a field of study.

    What do I and our intrepid host require is peer review and quantifiable results.
    What quacks and idiots want are a cure for my brown eyes, seeking some other color of brown. That’s literally what is going on, a trainload of con games, promising a cure for, well, in my case, dyslexia. There isn’t one, we’re part of the spectrum of normal human wiring, my dyslexia actually allows me to understand a word salad from some high functioning autistic people and see through damned good camouflage jobs.
    I see things differently and conceive them differently as well, that isn’t a taint or problem, it’s a gift that has literally saved lives in time of war.

    • doritmi March 18, 2019 at 02:04 #

      Yes. These are legitimate treatments – when use appropriately. Misusing them turns them into abuse and harm.

    • Sullivan (Matt Carey) March 19, 2019 at 16:33 #

      Yeah–I remember when chelation was sort of big. Parents were advised to *not* go to medical toxicologists. Because, you know, the tests they give aren’t accurate (since all kids are mercury poisoned, tests that say no are obviously wrong). Instead one was supposed to do hair testing. And not look for the heavy metals, but look instead for other elements and count them. Funny thing was that pretty much any result meant “you need to chelate”.


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