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Savage Autism

19 Oct

So Denis Leary, one time comedian and currently insulting disabled children, has joined forces with that other prime idiot Micheal Savage to call autistic kids dumb:

There is a huge boom in autism right now because inattentive mothers and competitive dads want an explanation for why their dumb-ass kids can’t compete academically, so they throw money into the happy laps of shrinks.

So, whilst I wipe away the tears of mirth (and only so recently after I had to sew my head back on after I laughed my head off at Tropic Thunder) from my eyes I think to myself – what is it about autism that attracts so much ire from comedians? Well, if I listened to silly people like Ginger Taylor, I’d think it was the CDC’s fault:

It is AAP and CDC’s job to investigate illness and educate the public on said illnesses, but every time a health professional gets on TV and utters the ignorant words, “Mysterious disorder, no know cause or cure” they make one more Dennis Leary, one more Michael Savage…

Thats right, by telling the scientific truth, the AAP and CDC – not only evil promoters of the evil vaccines – also ‘make’ Micheal savage and Denis Leary say stupid things.

Newsflash Ginger – you just said a stoopid thing too. Nobody makes people like savage and Leary say these things. They say it because deep down, they really believe it. Just like Tom Cruise and the other idiot Scientologists really believe that autism doesn’t exist (despite them getting involved with DAN!), the likes of Savage and Leary really believe that parents like you and I _are_ lazy. And its nothing to do with vaccines and its nothing to do with causes. Its to do with lazy thinking.

Ginger goes on to ask:

Or are you perhaps hoping to be able to up the ante and replace the phrase “Refrigerator Mother” with the phrase “Münchhausen Mother”?

Newsflash Number two Ginger – some of your Mother Warrior friends are pretty close to that right now. Not that long ago I posted an entry that described parents chelating 13 month old babies. And here’s a snippet from another Mother Warrior:

My son is 6 and I have to hold him down for the IVs – we’ve done 10. Today he got poked 3 times and has purple hands from blowing veins.


Newsflash Number three Ginger. Although you firmly believe otherwise, there is no science to support the beliefs you have about vaccines and no science to support the ‘treatments’ these people are doing to their children. Without any sort of evidence at all what you and your fellow Mother Warriors are doing _is_ child experimentation. Maybe you should give some thought to the possibility that Savage and Leary are being fed by the endless stream of middleclass know-nothings who think that they know everything there is to know about vaccines? Just a thought

Anyway, I put together a little something for us all to get a little payback against the idiots in celebville. Enjoy