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Bring the crazy – Fecal Transplant

9 Dec

There’s a few places around the interweb that you can always count on for a good old dose of craziness. One of those is the Autism Web forums, where the latest trend being discussed is Fecal Transplant.

Yeah. Fecal Transplant.

It is actually a known therapy to attempt to cure

…pseudomembranous colitis (caused by Clostridium difficile), or ulcerative colitis which involves restoration of colon homeostasis by reintroducing normal bacterial flora from stool obtained from a healthy donor.

Feeling a bit icky yet?

But like so many known treatments for known ailments (chelation for example), the extreme biomed party like to put their own unique twist on things:

Ok, you guys, I got some info for you, please do not hate me 🙂
Here is how this procedure was done by that physician in canada who does not practice anymore.
you collect the stool from a healthy relative (mother, father , so on) for a week in a bucket, no preservatives or cooling. Then mix well, fill in a decorating cone (that cloth cone you use to decorate a cake).
Use the cone as an enema to empty all the content in the patient’s colon. The patient needs to hold that as long as possible.

Does that in theory mean no more GFCG diets, yeast treatments, mega supplements if it works right? Is there the potential for this to actually reverse autism, then? With the autism/gut connection it sure makes sense. I’ll admit I didn’t read this post initially because it sounded so gross, but now that I’ve started to look into it… may really work.

Hooray!!! Playing ‘doctor’ via the internet and subjecting your kids to it!! Just wonderful.