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A Little More Left Rudder

14 Aug

I originally put together and posted this video (see end of post) at the beginning of the year at Autism street.

In the short seven months since that original posting, I’ve received several e-mails from a variety of readers expressing positive feedback about it. I’ve also had the opportunity to present it at a couple of conferences on a pretty large screen (something I enjoyed due to the increased visual impact). I’ve even received requests from others (parents and educators) to present it themselves in one form or another – simply because they were interested in presenting the idea of parenting autistic children in a more optomistic light than one might find in the mainstream media.

I’ll ask for my fellow LBRB authors’ indulgence in running a “repeat”, but I think there is a message here that bears repeating from time to time. Amidst all the media and internet coverage of autism, families need to know that their challenges are shared, and at the same time, know that expectations of success can be helpful. While specific successes are never guaranteed, I think flexibility and calm in the face of uncertainty can reduce stress – and probably improve family life overall.

I’d also like highlight something mentioned by commenter Prometheus – sage commentary if you ask me:


It brought back chills from when I was first learning to do cross-wind landings.

It also brought back chills from when I was first learning to deal with a disabled child.

Good advice to all parents, especially those with an autistic child.

If I may extend your analogy a bit further, there is more than one way to do a cross-wind landing (and any landing you can walk away from is a “good” landing).

The worst thing to do is to freeze up – to say “I can’t do this”.

[Link in the comment by Prometheus was added] All this being said, please enjoy (and spread it around if you are so inclined). Here’s the video: