What Is Neurodiversity?

10 Nov

A new Yahoo Group called ‘What Is Neurodiversity’ is launched today. Here’s the front cover blurb:

The purpose of this group is simple – to discuss what is and what isn’t neurodiversity. There are no formal principles or rules but there is a lot of (mis)information about what neurodiversity is and what it means on a realistic basis as well as a principled basis. Hopefully this Group will serve to set the record straight.

This group will be open for anyone to read and anyone to join. Any questions can be asked and those who feel like answering, will. All we ask is that as much as possible we keep the tone polite and the discussion constructive. I know this is difficult when discussion gets heated but we must try.

Off -topic posting is actively discouraged. Trolls will be removed immediately and permanently.

If you’ve wondered what it actually _em_ , or if you already have an idea or an opinion – good or bad – then please turn up to debate. The purpose is not to set any guidelines or formal declarations but really just to debate what neurodiversity means to people and hopefully to alleviate any misconceptions.

Everyone – and I do mean everyone – is welcome. No one will be ejected for disagreement but the emphasis in terms of tone of discussion needs to be polite and constructive.

Come on over :o)

2 Responses to “What Is Neurodiversity?”

  1. laurentius-rex November 10, 2006 at 21:48 #

    The moment anyone convenes an “academie francaise” to fossilise the term, or a cabal to say that we are the only true faith, then the term is dead.

    Fortunately it is outside of anyones control and no longer belongs to autism alone if it ever did in the first place.


  2. Agnes November 13, 2006 at 15:09 #

    Wow. Yahoo is getting brainier. The yahooligans can have plenty of information on psychological topics and exchange advices. Time to learn something neuro.
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