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12 May

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed a new main menu entry at the top of this page between ‘wiki’ and ‘contact’ called DAN! Doctors.

This page contains a (worryingly long) list of some of the people with the loose honorific of ‘DAN! Doctor’ who are on the official ARI list. However, unlike the ARI list, this list will tell you the ‘other’ side of the happy-clappy hero’s of DAN! It contains notes on prosecutions, license suspensions, criminal acts and current investigations.

I can take absolutely no credit for the compilation of this list. It was handed to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

This is a static page at the moment. In the near future, this page will move to its own domain and website and be driven by a database backend as it grows (as I’m sadly sure it will) however I wanted to get this up as quickly as possible.

The bottom line is that over 10% of DAN! docs (that have been looked at so far) have been in trouble. Trouble ranges from killing a patient, to paedophilia, to gross negligence to tax evasion. If you know a parent considering a DAN! doctor then make sure they read this list first. At the very least, even if they do decide to go ahead, they can avoid the bad guys.

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  1. laurentius-rex May 12, 2007 at 08:11 #

    Won’t affect the curebies cognitive dissonance as they will see this as further evidence of the machinations of big pharma and the illuminati.

    I have seen a new article now blaming Paxil during pregnancy for HFA.

    Well maybe, maybe not, what that tells me more than anything is that

    1. A growing epidemic of parents will not accept anything other than perfection in there children and belief that you can always sue someone when it turns out wrong,

    2. An innate faith in psychotropic drugs, and failure to accept there own responsibility for taking mind poison. (maybe it is responsible for the cognitive dissonance)

  2. Ms. Clark May 12, 2007 at 08:31 #

    Miriam Jang isn’t on there, I guess the parents of the little boy she recommedned be given such high doses of vitamin A that he nearly died of liver failer didn’t press charges.

    A list of all the DAN! dox who don’t have malpractice insurance would include Jeff Brandstreet, I believe, and John Green if I recall correctly. A list of DAN! dox who don’t have hospital privileges would include Andrew Levinson, who is both an MD *and* a “yogi” and also Jeff Bradstreet. A list of DAN! dox who don’t have any board certifications in pediatrics or family medicine would be impressive, too, and would include Jeff Bradstreet. A list of DAN! dox who don’t have any board certifications at all would include lots of the DAN! dox,

    From what I understand most insurance companies don’t want to pay for visits to doctors who aren’t board certified. That might explain why the parents have to pay out of pocket so often.

    A list of DAN! dox who graduated at the bottom of their classes would be interesting. Stoller graduated from the University of the Caribbean, it’s not a university known for bestowing prestige on it’s graduates.

    A list of the ones who prescribe marijuana to autistic kids would be interesting, too.

  3. mike stanton May 13, 2007 at 23:25 #

    Nice one, Kev.

    Are there any plans to send the list to ARI/DAN and ask them what action they intend to take?

  4. notmercury May 13, 2007 at 23:46 #

    Ms. Clark said: A list of DAN! dox who graduated at the bottom of their classes would be interesting.

    Yes. That would be a long list. Maybe it would be easier to compile a list of DAN! doctors who graduated anywhere near the top of the class. Then again, that might be a very short list.

  5. Matt May 14, 2007 at 05:25 #

    I went through the list for California once–I think these were “rescue angels”.

    The two questionable ones I found may be in the above list. I found someone who had lost his licence in Washington State for fraud. A second was not allowed to be alone in a room with small boys.

    A large fraction are not M.D.’s but D.O.’s. The odd thing there was that the license boards for the D.O.’s didn’t include statements of previous infractions of the sort that follow M.D.’s.

    That all said–this should be said: I was amazed to see a large number of graduates of UC Davis and UC San Francisco. These are excellent schools.

  6. Matt May 14, 2007 at 05:38 #

    Sorry–I guess the “rescue angels” are non-doctors who can help you get started experimenting on your child before you wait for the incredibly long wait to pay huge sums of money for a Dan doctor to experiment on your child.

    The list I checked is the same one as above. I probably found the same people.

    Still–the amazing thing was people from good schools.

  7. Matt May 14, 2007 at 06:09 #

    “From what I understand most insurance companies don’t want to pay for visits to doctors who aren’t board certified. That might explain why the parents have to pay out of pocket so often.”

    I heard from a former insurance regulator that the insurance companies keep a list of doctors who maintain questionable practices. Going to them raises a red-flag and they start checking closely the charges.

    If so, you have to imagine that the ARI DAN! doctor list was copied in whole by the insurers.


  8. livsparents May 14, 2007 at 17:45 #

    Hey, can you produce this list for ‘regular’ doctors as well? It would be nice to know who ALL the idiots in the medical profession are, not just the DANS!!

  9. Ms. Clark May 14, 2007 at 19:35 #


    You can find this kind of stuff yourself, regarding any particular doctor.

    It takes a few minutes, but you can go on the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) website and check to see if any particular doctor is board certified in any specialty. Dr. Neubrander is not or was not the last time I checked.. You can find out if a particular doctor has board orders against him or herself (by state medical boards) and find out if the person even has an active medical license and sometimes you can find out if the doctor has killed anyone and how, by going to a state medical board website. Each state is different, some websites are easier to get information off of than others.

    The thing is that as a matter of course, doctors who are lousy at regular allopathic (straight) medicine, who are sloppy and who kill their patients out of sloppiness and get in trouble for that sloppiness,are sexual predators, drug addicts, …that sort of thing… leave straight medicine and go into “alternative medicine” where they find their kin who welcome them. Among “alternative medicine” on is more likely to find: slime, creeps, scum,child molesters, criminals… and so forth.

    That’s just how it is. Not that all “alternative medicine” doctors are like this, but lots of them are. For me, a big clue is if the doctor has a web domain made up of his name, like “drfriendship.nz” or “doctorsally.con” or “dr_smith_loves_U.info”

    Another big clue to spotting the baddies is if the doctor is selling stuff out of his office like vitamins or water purifiers, or HBOT balloons.

    A doctor who is practicing in an area far outside of his training, like when a doctor is a pathologist, but claims expertise in treating disabled children…. or like when an ear/nose/throat guy is an expert in heavy metal poisoning in old people and then branches out to killing young kids with disodium-EDTA (which he has been using on old people for some time).

    Several DAN! docs were long time adult chelationists and then moved into the autism territory. Chelation for heart disease is a scam, these guys are just reaching out for new customers when they pick on parents of autistic kids.

    You could pick a group of 200 straight pediatricians, and see if 20 or more of them have had trouble with the law or medical boards and compare that to the DAN! group. It’s harder to get this info on DAN! PhD’s and DAN! chiropractors and DAN! nurses, so the list only has MD’s and DO’s on it.

    I didn’t compile the list Kev referred to, by the way. I would have added the guys without malpractice ins, the guys with no hospital privileges, the guys who have hurt kids even though the law didn’t get involved, the guys who are practicing away from their area of training, they guys who graduated from Caribbean medical schools, the guys with the eponymous web domains, the guys who sell stuff out of their offices, the guys with scummy looking billing practices, the guys who claim credentials they don’t have and so forth. I think we’d probably have more than half the DAN! MDs and DO’s (maybe 99% of them) and all of the DAN! chiropractors.

    The sort of autism quackery associated doctors who aren’t actually DAN! is full of creeps, too. There’s Buttar and his scary stuff, like hydrogen peroxide infusions and coffee enemas, etc, for cancer… and the urine injections thing. He’s had run-ins with the authorities…

    Dr. Geier? His son, who seems to be practicing medicine without a license on his father’s patients who don’t even come into the “office” but who Geier (or son) checks in with on phone much of the time. Bubba Neubrander gives out specific medical advice on dosage of B12 etc, to his brother’s patients on autismweb.com, from what I’ve seen.

    There’s weirdness around Arthur Krigsman, too, including what looks like a longrunning (years) bitter divorce preceedings, and stuff around his medical license and the way he practices… scoping kids outside of his office, in some kind of medical office space that isn’t his, in a big building with the name of an insurance company on it (not a hospital).

  10. laurentius-rex May 14, 2007 at 23:02 #

    A former GP of mine was struck off in circumstances that parallel the Monica Lewinski scandal, nuff said.

  11. livsparents May 15, 2007 at 02:45 #

    The main problem is that the vast majority of the mainstream medical community are idiots when it comes to autism, so parents have to rely on idiots who are the closest things to autism ‘specialists’ the medical community has…

  12. Prometheus May 15, 2007 at 03:45 #

    To Livsparents,

    I checked the website for my state’s Medical Board and found that less than 1% of all doctors (MD and DO) have records of disciplinary action against them.

    This compares to the approximately 11% of DAN! doctors who have run afoul of their state medical boards.

    It is also illuminating to see that the majority of medical board actions were taken in response to drug use, poor record-keeping and sexual transgressions, rather than “improper” care. This highlights the fact that these disciplinary actions were not in response to using “alternative” therapies, but were a reflection of true ethical problems.


  13. Jack Torrance May 15, 2007 at 14:50 #

    Hey Kev, I hear there are some who believe I (bones.0504)am you…or vice-versa. Sorry for the confusion, but the EoH gang has a habit of jumping to conclusions.

    In any event, in response to the above, one can also go to the respective state medical board web sites. There is a directory at http://www.fsmb.org/directory_smb.html
    Some states have more info than others.

    Keep in mind, if a doc is ABMS board certified in CA it does not necessarily mean he/she is licensed to practice in CA. It’s best to check both sources.

  14. Kev May 15, 2007 at 19:19 #

    Aha, the mysterious bones.0504 ;o)

    Where are you posting? On EoH? Nice to ‘meet’ you anyways :o)

  15. Jack Torrance May 15, 2007 at 21:12 #

    Why did I post on EoH? Good question. Naivet’e, I suppose. I thought I could get an answer to a legitimate question concerning their vaccines = autism theory, e.g. if the mercury in the vaccines is causing autism, and they determine total Hg body burden by chelating, how do they go about determining how much of the excreted Hg came from the vax, as opposed to what was already present at baseline.

    Needless to say the response I received was a tich ad hominem w/ a dash of paranoia tossed in.

    Nice to “meet” you all…

  16. Matt May 15, 2007 at 22:46 #

    A couple of comments.

    The first I heard from the anti-vax group was from Chiropractors. They gave my sister some literature when my niece was born. Something like, “your immunity, why not keep it”. It blamed AIDS on vaccines and stated that vaccines reduce your immune system’s abilities and this led to AIDS, Herpes and other diseases.

    If anyone knows of this and can get me a copy, I would love it. It was one of the best pseudo-science things I have ever seen. The tricks used in presenting the data were classic.

    Second topic: TromboneMalone. I wonder if he is a fan of Bones Malone? Funny. Tom “Bones” Malone was in the Blues Brother’s band.


  17. Big White Hat May 17, 2007 at 03:49 #

    I googled DAN! and DAN! Doctors.

    You were on the front page of the latter but no such luck on the prior.

  18. Kev May 17, 2007 at 07:54 #

    Yeah – they hate that ;o)

  19. notmercury May 18, 2007 at 02:13 #

    Oh no. Yasko’s off-line? Now where will we go for fabricated nutrigenomic guidance?

  20. Leo Lemonjello May 18, 2007 at 02:39 #

    have to go to fabricatednutrigenomicguidance.com, I guess.

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