When is Jenny McCarthy Honest?

9 Jul

Is she honest in April 2008?

There are some who wonder what we mean when we say “recovering” from autism.


….we think there are treatments that often bring about such healing, so that the observable symptoms of the condition no longer exist.


We believe what helped Evan recover was starting a gluten-free, casein-free diet, vitamin supplementation, detox of metals, and anti-fungals for yeast overgrowth that plagued his intestines.

Or is she honest in June 2008?

A lot of people are scared to chelate, which is the process of pulling metals out of the body, but it has triggered many recoveries. … Everyone has their own recipe to recovery, but your child might need chelation to get there. With a DAN doctor, I mean these guys are so good, they will help, you know, make sure your child is safe, your child has the minerals it needs to do it. … I’m, of course, scared to do it with Evan, but I plan on doing it this summer because Evan still suffers from seizures……

(Contributor from Autism One Conference wishes to remain anonymous).

So, in April 2008, Evan McCarthy is recovered (‘we believe what helped Evan recover…’). Not recovering but recovered. We can also see that among the treatments the helped Evan ‘recover’ is ‘detox of metals’.

Fast forward two months later and apparently Even needs chelation. Why? Back in April he’s recovered. Now he’s not? Now he needs chelation? And what for? Back in April, one of the ‘treatments’ that ‘recovered’ Evan was ‘detox of metals’. So why does he need to be chelated?

Can we add this to the other things that McCarthy has been slightly, ummm, vague about? Such as the fate of her indigomoms.com website? It existed in May 2007 as I blogged about it. But by July 2007 it had disappeared. Jenny’s explanation (from June 2008)?

SS: “You mention the word Indigo. What happened to your Indigo Moms website?”

JM: “You know I had to take that down and I was so sad to take it down, for a while anyways, it’ll be coming back up. People got really confused because I was coming out with Evan’s autism at the same time. And, they thought that I was healing Evan through Tarot cards instead of biomedical treatments.

So I realized I had to separate my messages and I had to take down one message which is the indigo and crystals, for now. I said, ‘oh the world is getting confused with these two different paths,’ you know. I consider them to be one. But people aren’t quite there yet and I kinda had to, not lower my vibration, change my vibration to focusing on the world hearing that message. Hearing that biomedical treatment does help these kids.

Right, right – oh the world is getting confused….so Jen just lowered her vibration and took her indigomoms site down.

Jenny McCarthy - Indigo Mom

Is it just me, or is anyone else starting to have a really bad feeling about this person’s involvement in autism advocacy?

14 Responses to “When is Jenny McCarthy Honest?”

  1. jypsy July 10, 2008 at 00:47 #

    starting to have a really bad feeling about this person’s involvement in autism advocacy?”

    Starting to???!!!

  2. Sullivan July 10, 2008 at 01:35 #

    What Jypsy said.

  3. Ms. Clark July 10, 2008 at 02:03 #

    Jenny’s not confused, she understands that Tarot cards and DAN!(tm) biomed are one thing. Bright girl, that Jenny.

  4. Do'C July 10, 2008 at 03:04 #

    “I’m, of course, scared to do it with Evan, but I plan on doing it this summer because Evan still suffers from seizures…”

    Cuz everyone knows chelation becomes medically relevant to autism and seizures… in the summer.

  5. Ms. Clark July 10, 2008 at 03:12 #

    Maybe she consulted Evan’s star chart and decided this summer when Mars is in Saggitarius it would be an auspicious time to chelate???

  6. HCN July 10, 2008 at 03:12 #

    What happens if the chelation screws with Evan’s brain chemistry enough to cause more seizures?

  7. Ms. Clark July 10, 2008 at 03:16 #

    I’d like to know if some wonder-biomed initiated the last big seizure she described?
    For instance it’s possible for Hyperbaric Oxygen to aggravate seizures. Jenny said she took one of Evan’s prescription seizure meds to see what it was like (to check it out for him) and rejected it because she didn’t like what it did to her. Maybe Jenny will get chelated before Evan?

  8. Matt Brodhead July 10, 2008 at 03:56 #

    The sad thing is that so many people turn on the TV and see her advocating bogus treatments. The uneducated suffer from her lack of education (or something to that effect)

  9. Another Voice July 10, 2008 at 04:08 #

    I hope that Evan does not experience the discomfort of chelation. He looks like a happy little boy.

  10. Sullivan July 10, 2008 at 05:39 #

    The strange thing to me (OK, one of the many) is that chelation isn’t a, “Well, we may do it sometime in the future treatment”. Either someone has a need and it should be done now, or someone doesn’t have the need.

    Is young Master McCarthy’s tests going to show mercury intoxication this summer? Do they not show it now?

    By stating that they may do this in the future, Ms. McCarthy has demonstrated that this is an inappropriately applied therapy.

  11. navi July 10, 2008 at 15:39 #

    Why do people think seizures are directly related to autism? Don’t they realize it’s a comorbid condition? (for the record, my autistic son has no seizures)

  12. HCN July 10, 2008 at 16:11 #

    Exactly, navi… my non-autistic but speech disordered child did have seizures. Once when he was ill and very dehydrated he had a major seizure. That is why I am wary of screwing up the brain chemistry of a child with a seizure disorder.

  13. Patrick July 10, 2008 at 19:21 #

    I’m in a hyperbolic mood today so I’m going to run with it:

    Disappearing the Indigo site reeks of cover up, And conspiracy.

    Well JM, Were you using Tarot to determine appropriate therapies? Why would people get such an impression of it being used as a treatment?

    Did the metal detox footbath fail to work as represented? Or what method of Metal detox were we using?

    I would love to read about this in your next book, but I just can’t Wait that long. And you know, you’ve made everything so Crystal clear already for us.

    Finally, what does Kryon have to say about the Tarot? Hmmm? And when will Earthlings make contact with these other planets from which we have been incarnated again and again?


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