Michael Savage – bottom lip trembling

22 Jul

The Michael Savage autism saga carries on as he issues a whiny please to ‘please don’t judge me’.

I grabbed his latest whine so you don’t have to visit his site. As I said, he starts off with a plea (you can almost hear the tears in his voice) not to rush to judge him. In my view, you should judge him. I know I do.

He then goes on to say that the _truly_ autistic child (apparently there are no autistic adults) – that 1% of all diagnosed autistic people that is left over from Savage’s 99% of fakers – need as much help as they can get. I would agree with that included in that help they need to be shielded from ultra-stupid cowards who don’t even have the balls to stand by their self professed opinions for a week.

He then goes on to say that its the falsely diagnosed, the misdiagnosed and the outright fakers (???) – the 99% of all autistic people in Savage’s opinion if you recall – who need to be ‘found out and turned out’ so that the money can go to the right people. A direct quote:

that was the essence of my conversation last week

Uh, no it wasn’t. You said (and I quote) that autism was:

a fraud, a racket……What do you mean they scream and they’re silent? They don’t have a father around to tell them, ‘Don’t act like a moron. You’ll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz. Straighten up. Act like a man. Don’t sit there crying and screaming, idiot.’

My autistic child screams and is silent. If you came round to my house and call xyr an idiot, I’d kick your arse square. You sell T-shirts on your website that read ‘Peace through superior firepower.’ I therefore judge you to be a person who respects violence. I also wager (and feel free to come and discuss it in person) that my foot is harder than your arse.

You then ask, rhetorically, ‘why would I chose to attack defenceless children, when I have never done so in my life?’ Only you know the answer to that, but I would imagine the word ‘ratings’ have quite a lot to do with it. But I think this time it has bitten you on the arse, coward. You have firmly established yourself as a ‘man’ who _does_ attack children. Disabled children at that.

Savage seem to be one of these new type of celebs that have sprung up in both the US and my country – famous for having a big mouth and little substance to go with it. After all, scum floats on the top. Personally, I think these are the people who should be found out and turned out.

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  1. bullet July 22, 2008 at 12:35 #

    I think he was attention seeking and when people complained he did a hasty backtrack. Just taking children on the spectrum as an example, they’re not diagnosed because they “sit there crying and screaming” they are diagnosed because they show significant difficulties and differences in communication, in interaction and they have repetititive behaviour and/or obsessions as well. I know there’s more to being on the spectrum as well, but these are the factors that the professionals will look at in particular.

  2. Jeff Gitchel July 22, 2008 at 16:23 #

    “I’d kick your arse square.”

    Very well put.

    I like how that leaves the reader to decide if you mean that your aim will be square on, or that you mean to kick it until it is square.

    I’m fine with either one or both 😉

  3. Patrick July 22, 2008 at 17:40 #

    Wow, screwed up even trying to beg for mercy?

    If the brute wanted to declare something as a racket he should have stated that all of the unproven treatments, etc, were the racket. Apparently this was beyond his comprehension over the last couple of days, maybe it still is, or maybe he just doesn’t know how to find the right words. (ROFLMAO, radio head that can’t figure out what to say in order to frame himself properly.)

  4. livsparents July 22, 2008 at 23:34 #

    Actually, I’m quite thankful to Mr Savage. It was nice of him to sacrifice his carreer so that we can clear up some misinformation about autism. Thanks, Mike…hope you enjoy sharpening those pencils at that Idaho radio station…

  5. Ringside Seat July 23, 2008 at 16:36 #

    I mostly agree with the criticisms of Savage, but he is asking an interesting question about the broadenings. This occurs in pretty much all diagnostic categories – the expansion of disease and the pathologizing of diversity. Helps sell a lotta drugs down the line.

    It is also true that parents sometimes seek to bump up their child’s diagnosis, eg from ASD to autism, so as to gain access to services they might otherwise be denied. I’m not sure this makes them quite what Savage thinks tho.

    I say: let the debate start on the things he’s saying. More interesting than vaccines.

  6. Bunny July 23, 2008 at 22:24 #

    Ringside Seat,

    How exactly does a parent “bump up” a child’s medical diagnosis? Does this require an unethical doctor, or are you saying the parents simply lie about the diagnosis (like, say, to the school) in order to hijack services meant for kids with “classic” autism?

    The comments from Savage did not surprise me at all. There is a huge backlash against ASDs as there was against ADD/ADHD in the 90s. Even my child’s case worker (a school district employee) told me she thinks “most” kids diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome are really just brats.

  7. Shannon Hunt July 24, 2008 at 00:19 #

    I am a parent of two boys DX with ASD’s. One is HFA/AS and is 9….the other is 4 and is non-verbal “classic” type. I have listened to Savage for years. I have purchased his book “Healing Children Naturally” which was written years ago.

    I do not like the words that he used at all and he should apologize for the hurtful things he said. However, I do beleive that he would never attack disabled children. He has been on the bio-med, whole foods, diet has a lot to do with childrens issue for years. I understand how easy it would be to only hear what he said on 07/16/08 and condemn him. Please hear the point that I believe he was attempting to make (poorly I agree) that there are those out there that are bad parents or just don’t have the skills and their children are acting out. There are MD’s and PhD’s that are “throwing a DX” on these kids to pump them with drugs or the like. I really believe that is what he was attempting to say. Again, the words were hurtful but that is how he communicates most of the time. He is harsh and attempts to “shock” to get his point across. This time he did it with children and used very hurtful words and needs to acknowledge that better.

  8. Regan July 24, 2008 at 01:45 #

    If the brute wanted to declare something as a racket he should have stated that all of the unproven treatments, etc, were the racket.

    Savage never outright apologized and writhed around the issue of his own broadcast and esp. the abusive language, but on 7/21 his guest Stephen M. Camarata, Ph.D. came out against the mercury poisoning biomed treatment issue, referring back to the science literature and research. Since Dr. Camerata followed Wendy Fournier, of the NAA who forwarded the vaccine-damage theory, the entire program had a surreal feeling; Savage was talking out of both sides of his mouth and agreeing with both guests. FWIW, Dr. Camarata is also a somewhat controversial person on his own merit because of his association with Thomas Sowell, who is listed as authority on Savage’s site and may have provided some of the premise of fraudulent diagnosis.
    Not really stating opinion, just reporting some of the program, but between the rhetoric and the players, one’s head starts to spin.

  9. Kev July 24, 2008 at 07:58 #

    Shannon, I’m glad you find something to take away from Savage’s shitty views. I’m going to wager that 99% of autism parents don’t.

    Of course there are bad parents and consequently poorly parented children but to purposefully associate that with autism is ignorant and wilfully antagonistic. The man would’ve gotten on perfectly with Bettleheim.

    He doesn’t deserve understanding or pity or to avoid judgement. What he *deserves* is a swift P45 (pink slip I believe is the US term) followed by some form of the physical violence he espouses on his crass, right-wing website.

  10. Ringside Seat July 24, 2008 at 08:40 #

    Bunny: It’s not at all unusual for parents to seek a more “serious” diagnosis, or indeed an autism diagnosis when really that’s not the problem. In fact, there are even advocacy organizations which suggest it. I think this says more about the rules of eligibility for services than it does about parents or doctors.

    As for the Asperger’s or not end of things, that’s an even more interesting discussion, since there has to be some kind of issue at some point for some people as to whether their behavior is hard-wired or not. Particularly in adults, I think there can sometimes be the risk of seeking refuge in some kind of genetic diagnosis, rather than accept personal responsibility and the need for change.

    I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over how some shock-jock stomps around.

  11. Bunny July 24, 2008 at 13:47 #

    Ringside Seat,

    I’d love to know more about these “advocacy organizations” that encourage parents to have their “normal” (but poorly behaved) children diagnosed with autism. Do you have a link?

    My question to you was this: how do parents “get” this diagnosis for their kids? It would have to involve an unethical doctor willing to diagnose something that isn’t there. If this is going on, it’s a huge problem–it’s child abuse, in fact–and deserves further study. It also would absolutely support what Savage was saying on his radio show. I’m dying to know what parent wants to pretend their child has autism when he/she doesn’t. What would the reason be? Savage seems to think parents of kids with autism are paid by the government. If that’s the case, I’m still waiting for my check!

    If you think someone with Asperger’s Syndrome might just need to “accept personal responsibility” for their behavior, you are as misinformed as that “shock-jock.”

  12. patty anne boris July 24, 2008 at 22:29 #


  13. Regan July 24, 2008 at 22:38 #

    From someone self-identified on the conservative right
    A Savage Attack: Right-radio wrong
    National Review Online

  14. Shannon July 25, 2008 at 00:42 #

    Kev: I understand that you most likely don’t agree with his political views and so I am sure that makes hating him easier.

    Dr. Attwood was just in our area (CA) and was speaking about how in CA for example, you do not get services from the state if you have a Asperger’s DX….only if it is “autism”. Because most MD’s and esp. Ph.D’s are aware of this….they DX as autism to help the family. These are the “good” examples. There are also Ph.D’s that will spend 15 min with my son and say he is ADHD and push me and my MD to give RX. I said no by the way!! It’s this type of “bad” doc that he is against. Dr. Savage has spent a lot of air time talking about what he thinks is child abuse and putting kids on tons of very strong anti-psyc drugs and giving 2 yr old a Bipolar DX, etc. He feels that is child abuse by the medical community. He also feels that that fathers in this country have given up on their duties as parents. Kev, you, I am sure am a wonderful father as has been shown here at your long time Blog. That is why, I believe you are so upset at what he said……Papa Bear wants to protect his child. BUT, there are many fathers in this county that have no idea what is means to be a father and our kids are suffering. Obama has been talking about this too. It is a problem and that is partly what he was talking about is his “insensitive rant”. Regarding his background, some of you may not know this but he has a Ph.D in nutritional ethnomedicine. He is a strong supporter of “diet” vs RX for kids. Some of his other books besides Healing Children Naturally are: Maximum Immunity, Earth Medicine Earth Foods, The Complete Book of Homeopathy, Secrets of Fijian Medicine, The Herbal Bible, Plant-A-Tree A guide to Regreening America and many others. Yes, his political views are sometimes very very Right-Winged, I agree but I so strongly believe he is worried about the kids and the lack of parenting and he just did not realize what damage he could do with his words for those of us that do have children DX with Autism and Asperger’s.
    And, lastly I must add that we do have Free Speech in America….at least for now.

  15. RAJ July 25, 2008 at 15:15 #

    There is no doubt that ‘autism’ is being misdiagnosed on a global scale. A recent study of a large sample of ‘normal’ scoolchildren reported the presence of ‘autistic traits’ in 40% of all school aged chilren.


    It appears that the prevelance of ASD’s
    will continue to expand and 40% of the entire population may be eligible for an ASD diagnosis.

    In 1965 Kanner explained another long forgotten rise in the incidence of ‘autism’.


    A few of his spot on observations:

    “Moreover, it became a habit to dilute the original concept of infantile autism by diagnosing it in many disparate conditions which show one or another isolated symptom found as a part feature of the overall syndrome. Almost overnight, the country seemed to be populated by a multitude of autistic children, and somehow this trend became noticeable overseas as well. Mentally defective children who displayed bizarre behavior were promptly labeled autistic”


    “By 1953, van Krevelen rightly became impatient with the confused and confusing use of the term infantile autism as a slogan indiscriminately applied with cavalier abandonment of the criteria outlined rather succinctly and unmistakably from the beginning. He warned against the prevailing “abuse of the diagnosis of autism”


    “To complicate things further, Crewel, in the hope of avoiding confusion between true autism and other conditions with autistic-like features, suggested the term pseudo-autism for the latter. Even this term came to be employed haphazardly, and conditions variously described as hospitalism, anaclitic depression, and separation anxiety were put under the heading of pseudo-autism”

    The term ‘Pseudo-Autism’ has returned and Romanian orphans who were institutionalized at birth and experienced severe emotional deprivation also meet criteria for an ASD using Gold Standard diagnostic tools such as ADI-R.


    The publication of DSM-IV in 1994 can be used as a carbon dating tool identifying the exact moment that the global autism pandemic began. The framers of DSM-IV removed Kanner’s defnition entriely from the diagnostic criteria and replaced it with vague, ambigous and subjective ‘Qualitative impairment in social interaction’ producing what might be described as the second autism pandemic.

  16. Hilary July 25, 2008 at 16:55 #

    Michael Savage’s hateful ignorance should not be tolerated. And yet, his network is defending him! Here’s a petition to demand his termination: http://go.care2.com/15869712

  17. Joseph July 25, 2008 at 22:19 #

    There is no doubt that ‘autism’ is being misdiagnosed on a global scale. A recent study of a large sample of ‘normal’ scoolchildren reported the presence of ‘autistic traits’ in 40% of all school aged chilren.

    The fact that autistic traits, just like basically all human traits, have a distribution in the whole population is not evidence that autism is being misdiagnosed on a global scale. It could be evidence that people might disagree on where the threshold for a diagnosis should be located. But it’s not evidence of wrongdoing is what I’m saying.

    Of course, Kanner had his own ideas of what “real” autism is, and they might have carried a lot of weight simply because he invented the construct. But I would say his own ideas were not necessarily consistent. For example, the first operationalized definitions of autism by Kanner indicated that muteness (or a kind language not intended for interpersonal communication) was a requirement. Yet, many of his original patients were clearly able to speak.

  18. RAJ July 25, 2008 at 23:23 #

    “But I would say Kanner indicated that muteness (or a kind language not intended for interpersonal communication) was a requirement. Yet, many of his original patients were clearly able to speak”.

    What Kanner said about speech was encoded in DSM-III:

    D. If speech is present, peculiar speech patterns such as immediate and delayed echolalia, metaphorical language, pronominal reversal.

    The problem with language problems in truly autistic children is the language problems Kanner described are not specific to autism.

    The same problems are also reported in children with a developmental language disorder and even in a passing phase in normal children and even in many patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Kanner’s brilliance as a clinician was his powers of observation and insight that allowed him to seperate out what he called ‘isolated symptoms that are part features of the overall syndrome’ while being the first to identify the highly specific and core defining feature of ‘autism which was also encoded in DSM-III:

    ‘A pervasive lack of responsiveness to other people”

    In 1994 with the publication of DSM-IV Kanner’s definition entirely removed and replaced by ‘Qualitative impairment of social interaction’. ICD-10 soon followed and all the Gold Standard diagnostic tools also followed DSM-IV’s lead.

    The Gold Standard diagnostic tools can confer an ASD diagnosis on Romanian orphans who were subjected to extreme emotional deprivation and children with developmental language disorders who did not meet diagnostic criteria for ‘autism’ prior to 1994. Children with genetic mental retardation syndromes such as Fragile X and Down’s Syndrome are also now included under the umbrella label of ‘Autism Spectrum Disorders’ even though their social problems do not meet Kanner’s definition:


    How bad is the overdiagnosing of autism. Schizophrenic children now also meet Gold Standard diagnostic criteria for ‘autism’


  19. Joseph July 26, 2008 at 02:17 #

    I was referring to the criteria from Kanner & Eisenberg (1956). I don’t know to what extent Kanner had direct influence in the DSM-III, which came much later.

    It should be noted that Kanner (1965) did say the following:

    Out of this emerges a rather disturbing dilemma. We seem to have reached a point where a clinician, after the full study of a given child, can say honestly: He is schizophrenic because in my scheme I must call him so. Another clinician, equally honest, can say: He is not schizophrenic because according to my scheme I cannot call him so. This is not a reflection on anyone in particular. The whole concept has obviously become a matter of semantics.

    There’s a lot in that paper that reflects on debates we have today.

  20. The transcriber July 26, 2008 at 03:55 #

    From Day02-PM2 audio file Tom Powers, PSC lawyer and Bennett Leventhal, autism expert

    Powers: Now as a psychiatrist is it, and you, how long have you been practicing as a psychiatrist?

    Leventhal: finished my residency and fellowship in 1978, so thirty years…

    Powers: In the years preceding 1978, isn’t it true that psychiatrists attributed autism in large part to what is called the refrigerator mother, or the lack of affection a lack of bonding. Was that the general cause of autism that was attributed in describing the etiology.

    Leventhal: No that’s not actually accurate.

    Powers: Refrigerator mom was a descriptive term generated by Dr. Bettleheim, post Vienna, post World War II, to describe what he believed was the cause of autistic spectrum disorders. Isn’t that correct?

    Leventhal: It was one of his concepts, but Dr. Bettleheim wasn’t a psychiatrist, he was actually not even a psychologist, he was an educator.

    Powers: And in the years since then that theory of causation has been disproven. Correct?

    Leventhal: It was never proven, so other theories have taken form it was never a proved theory.

    Powers: The theory you believe that autism is entirely genetic. Do you believe that autism is entirely genetic?

    Leventhal: No sir.

    Powers: Do you see room for environmental contributions to the appearance of autistic symptoms in some children.

    Leventhal: Yes

    Powers: Can you identify what you believe to be known environmental contributors to the appearance of autistic symptoms in children?

    Leventhal: Well we know very well that the environmental interventions make a difference, and the modification of the environment, so things like ABA affect the clinical presentation of the disorder, education, speech and language, change the clinical presentation of the disorder. Those are all environmental interventions.

    Powers: And I’m not speaking of environmental interventions you would agree with me that be that environmental exposures can actually be the biological cause of autism. So for example prenatal exposure to thalidomide, do you believe that prenatal exposure to thalidomide can cause autism?

    Leventhal: I think what you are trying to do is make a sweeping generalization and as I think Mark Twain once said no generalization is worth a damn including this one. And I think generalizations just aren’t terribly useful here. you have to talk about specifics.

    Powers: And that’s why I asked you …

    Leventhal: (interrupting) So if there’s,

    Powers: (simultaneously with Leventhal) Let, let

    Leventhal: if I

    Powers: (over the top of Leventhal) I asked you

    Leventhal: ..if I can finish my question, uh answer I’d be happy to

    Powers: Well, I asked you a specific question

    Leventhal: I’d be happy to…

    Powers: (cutting Leventhal off) Do you believe that prenatal thalidomide exposure can contribute to the appearance of autism in some children.

    Leventhal: This is not a matter of belief.

    Powers: Do you believe that there is, or let me put it this way, as a scientist do you recognize that there is an association between prenatal thalidomide exposure and the appearance of autism?

    Leventhal: What do you mean by association?

    Powers: A causal relationship.

    Leventhal: That has not been demonstrated, so the answer to that is, until it’s been demonstrated I can’t really tell you.

    Powers: Do you believe that, or do you think that evidence shows an association between terbutaline exposure prenatally and the appearance of autistic symptoms?

    Leventhal: I am not aware of any causal mechanism that would support that.

    Powers: Are you aware of any scientific data or scientific literature that would support an association between maternal rubella and the appearance of autistic symptoms in the child?

    Leventhal: You just used the word association, so there are data on an association between maternal rubella and autism.

    Powers: Would it be your scientific opinion that those associations are suggested of a causal link between maternal rubella and the appearance of autistic features in some children.

    Leventhal: It’s not been demonstrated. Until it’s been demonstrated, I don’t know if there is a causal link. There’s a big difference between association, correlation and causality.

    Powers: And that’s why I am asking you specifically if you believe that there’s a causal association between these various prenatal exposures and the appearance of autistic symptoms in the children who were the product of those exposed pregnancies. Do you believe that there is scientific evidence supporting that there is a causal relationship?

    Leventhal: As I said to you, I don’t believe. There’s what I know and what I don’t know. I am not aware of, I have no knowledge of, a casual link between rubella and autism. There’s an association but there’s not a causal link to my awareness.

  21. Amanda July 26, 2008 at 23:11 #

    Kanner had some powers of observation, but he seemed to have a habit of throwing in his own judgments into the observations.

    For example, he describes a pervasive lack of responsiveness to other people. And yet, most of his patients did respond to other people.

    He also described one patient as understanding instructions without listening to them.

    The frustrating thing about his comments and generalizations in that manner, is that the way he wrote things down, we’ll never know what body language in that particular patient prompted his (biased) appraisal that she was not listening to the instructions, and we’ll never know what precisely he saw as making his patients unresponsive. He didn’t just record and observe what people were doing, he recorded and observed biases that have been present in the field ever since him. And entire ideas about autism have taken a long time to be seen as false, because of the amount of authority Kanner was given.

  22. Shelly Ward July 29, 2008 at 15:43 #

    I have a 10 year old Autistic son that God has brought from a mighty long way. To put people in a box, to characterize what you don’t understand, shows your ignorance. My son is nota bother, he’s a blessing. Autism is not a curse; it has changed ME from the selfish person that i was to one that understands more aboutthe struggles that others may face. I love my son.I love his classmates. I love understanding what’s going on on the other side of someone elses thoughts.

    I believe that if Micheal Savage was forced to spend time with Autistic people, his mind would change and he would take back everything he said. I believe that he should be sentenced to spending a week with all ages of people, from every spectrum of autisims. I mean a week with each level.

    Micheal Savange is what a call a steriotypical self centered being, that cannot understand anything unless he is challeneged with it. Heshould go on a reality show for dealing with autism; like the Baby Borrower’s Show.

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