Sunday Solution – No.4 plus update

12 Oct

No PDF to download this week. Instead I want to post my own review after I saw one from Mashable today about the excellent Savvy Auntie website.

As the name suggests Savvy Auntie is a way to keep Aunties (and grandmas, grandads, uncles, cousins, friends – not to mention parents) very firmly in the loop as to what is cool for kids in terms of presents and gifts. You can sort by price, age, colour – even personality!

However, these are not the best bits of the site. the absolute best bits are the Social Web (Web 2.0 for you Old Skoolers) aspects of the site. They have given all users the ability to ask actual parents about the toy in question – quite reassuring. So you as a user can leave reviews, star products, recommend toys for particular sections such as the Special Needs section. There are also forums, blogs etc if you really want to get involved.

Savvy Auntie is basically Amazon for toys/gifts – but an Amazon that is organised, nicely laid out and easy to navigate. Its going to grow so getting in now will reap you dividends.

Now – a minor update. Left Brain/Right Brain has its own Twitter account but now for you radicals who don’t Tweet but do use something else, we’re there too – so if you use Meemi, Pownce, Gozub, Plurk, Identica, Rejaw or Hi5 search for user ‘lbrainrbrain’ and you’ll get our updates too.

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