Jenny McCarthy backs away from vaccines

3 Feb

As I blogged recently, Paul Offit was a guest on a US show called The Colbert report. Whilst emailing him about his appearance he mentioned the following:

Of interest, one of the show’s staff said that xe had been called by Jenny McCarthy (which I assumed meant Jenny McCarthy’s handlers), who told xyr not to mention Jenny’s name because *Jenny no longer speaks out against vaccines* . [Jenny’s handler was told] that Colbert wouldn’t mention her name but I was welcome to. The opening came when Colbert said he hadn’t heard about the science. But I didn’t mention McCarthy.

My, my. I wonder if anyone has told the founder members of Generation Rescue this little factoid? And what use to them is a Jenny McCarthy that won;t spout off about vaccines at the drop of an opinion?

56 Responses to “Jenny McCarthy backs away from vaccines”

  1. Lara Lohne January 23, 2013 at 00:10 #

    Wow, spam much?

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