Omnibus Expert Reports

24 Mar

As noted in Kev’s recent post, the expert reports from the respondent (government side) have been made public.

The above link is a pdf file. The boxes in the pdf file are live links. I.e. click in the boxes and you will get the expert report.

I am very glad they did this. The best autism experts were pulled in to the Omnibus, and it is great to have the chance to refer to what they wrote. Many of the experts didn’t testify, so this is where you and I can see what they had to say.

I’ve read through some. They are good references. They also support very well what the Special Masters stated in their decisions: this wasn’t a close call. The petitioners just didn’t have good evidence, and the evidence against them was very good.

I’ll definitely be blogging a number of these. They are well worth discussing.

One Response to “Omnibus Expert Reports”

  1. brian March 25, 2009 at 02:37 #

    Along with their discussions of the epidemiology of autism, Eric Fombonne and Michael Rutter succinctly lay out in their independent expert reports the evidence that the anomolous brain development that is evident in autism is manifest early in fetal development. Although the respondents were not required to establish the true causes of autism (but, of course, only to demonstrate that thimerosal and/or MMR are not responsible), it was heartening to finally see in these documents some discussion in the Autism Omnibus preceedings of the evidence that the process that eventually proceeds to a diagnosis of ASD begins many months before a child receives her first vaccine?and that the Special Masters must understand this.

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