Blog housekeeping

24 Nov

Just a little update on LB/RB news.

First and foremost, the Crowdscience popup asking for opinions is gone. I’ve got enough data now to take over the world ensure any future realignment of the design meets users needs better and better. Apologies for the length of time it stayed and the oddness of some of the questions. I really don’t care how much you earn for example 😉

Secondly, this is sadly the first year I’ve had to put advertising in place. I’ve tried to keep it as unobtrusive as possible and I’m a good way to covering site costs now which means LB/RB will shortly not be hitting me personally in the pocket. If I ever get into the position of having meaningful excess (hahahaha) I’ll donate it to charity or buy a curry 😉

Future plans include the possibility of an LB/RB Social Network (like a Facebook/Twitter type thing), more authors and maybe a mini-wiki type affair where ‘newbies’ to the world of autism science can come and get the basics under their belt before joining in the heated debate in the comments sections. Any other ideas more than welcome, naturally.

If I don;t speak to you before, have a super Xmas and 2010.

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