Anthony Cox published in PJ Online

11 Feb

Our very own Anthony Cox was published today in PJ Online (gateway to the world of pharmacy and medicines) concerning the MMR saga. I’ll copy and paste a key paragraph then urge you to go read the whole piece which is an excellent summation of events thus far.

In US court testimony in 2007, Chadwick stated that he had tested all the samples from Wakefield’s ASD children and found no MVV present. Wakefield was made aware of this before the publication of the 1998 paper, but saw fit not to draw attention to this negative finding that undermined his hypothesis.

One Response to “Anthony Cox published in PJ Online”

  1. FreeSpeaker February 11, 2010 at 21:59 #

    This one fact is, in my opinion, far more important that everything in the GMC findings. It demonstrates just how deep Wakefield’s intellectual dishonesty runs. Any “peer reviewer” or editor should keep this in mind, and require absolute proof of every element of anything Wakefield wants published.

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