Autism Sunday, UK Style

22 Feb

One of the best things about being British is that whenever there’s something that needs attending or observing you can be assured that Cliff Richard will be there intently attending and observing. [insert personal diety here] save us all, if that other great UK institution (the rain) chances along then Sir Cliff may even threaten to sing at said event!

Alongside His Royal Cliffness on the 14th were lots and lots of politicians at All Saints Church in Woodford Wells – not quite Premier League politicos (Gordon Brown and David Cameron sent best wishes) – but even so, those whose portfolios fell vaguely within the remit of suggesting they had to care about people.

My gently mocking tone might give rise to the idea that I’m anti autism Sunday which isn’t true. I think anything which raises awareness _of the right sort_ is a good thing. I’m not sure if Ivan and Charika Corea who founded Autism Sunday and are parents of an autistic child had any idea beyond stating ‘this is Autism Sunday’ when creating the concept but this year they commendably asked the UK Gvmt to remember that amongst the many many victims in Haiti were autistic victims and that the prosaicly named ‘the Autism Clinic’ (a name which gives rise to the uncomfortable suspicon its the sole one) needs a LOT of help to get itself up and running again. Ivan said:

I am also urging the Government to help re-build the Autism Clinic in Haiti. The clinic was completely demolished by the earthquake. I have contacted the Prime Minister, Foreign Secretary David Miliband and International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander to spend a fraction of the promised £18 million aid package to Haiti to re-build the clinic. My heart sank when I saw the television news of the disabled dying of starvation on the road and there was no one coming to their aid. I kept thinking what if it was my son who was on that road? I appeal to HM Government not to walk by on the other side and help re-build the Autism Clinic in Haiti.

Quite. The terrible images coming out of Haiti and the idiotic media ramblings portraying Haiti as a lawless zone sliding into violence should serve to remind us that autistic people exist everywhere and that our duty as an international autism community don’t end at our own borders. Please urge your politicians, wherever you live, to promise aid for the Autism Clinic directly.

2 Responses to “Autism Sunday, UK Style”

  1. Angelo February 22, 2010 at 13:46 #

    Is it possible to have some more details on the Autism Clinic, in order to be able to better raise the question (and also, if possible, to contribute directly)?



  2. Kev February 22, 2010 at 14:25 #

    Gotta be honest Angelo, I know next to nothing about it. I’ll try and dig out some more details.

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