Blogger Shannon Rosa on the radio talking about “My Baby Rides the Short Bus”

18 Mar

I just linked to Shannon Rosa’s blog yesterday and here I go again. Her blog, Squidalicious, the adventures of Leelo and his potty mouthed mom, is a good read. She contributed to a new book, “My Baby Rides the Short Bus”.

I haven’t read the book yet. I heard about it a while back but I wasn’t really aware that it came out already. So, I was glad to get the podcast and listen about it. She is joined by Jennifer Byde Myers (who also contributed to the book) and Sarah Talbot (co-editor of the book).

The book, My Baby Rides the Short Bus, is available.

Shannon Rosa talks about the facts and myths of the “perfect mom” that many outside the disability community have as an expectation. She talks about the adjustment as her child grows from a young child to an adolescent and how the

To me, Ms. Rosa, Ms. Myers and Ms. Talbot present a good balance in talking about how there are extra difficulties parenting a disabled child.

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