George Takei in a PSA (not autism related)

1 Apr

Orac over at Respectful Insolence posted about this in One more reason why George Takei is still awesome after all these years…

I’ve watched it a few times now and I thought maybe, just maybe, the readers here would like it as well.

It is time for the Census in the U.S.. Mr. Takei and his husband, Mr. Altman, are asking people to be counted if they are married–even if the laws of the land don’t grant them a legal marriage certificate.

There are many things I hope are different in the future in the U.S.. Recognizing marriage is one of them.

3 Responses to “George Takei in a PSA (not autism related)”

  1. Ullie April 2, 2010 at 14:09 #

    Isn’t he awesome? Thanks for posting, Kev! It IS just one more little brick in the wall.

  2. passionlessDrone April 2, 2010 at 16:37 #

    Hello friends –

    Sulu kicks ass. Has anyone seen his destruction of homophobe Tim Hardaway?


  3. Jackie April 3, 2010 at 13:58 #

    Have you seen George’s ad for the Sharp Quattron TV? If not here’s the YouTube:

    It hilarious, when he turns the screen to look at it and goes, “Whoa!”

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