Andrew Wakefield/Today Show interview transcript

27 May

Reformatted and tidied up from a commenter on a Yahoo Group


MATT LAUER: [But]…in the years following his publication in The large scale study could reproduce exactly what Dr. Wakefield’s small study found. Dr. Wakefield is here for an exclusive interview. Doctor, good morning.

WAKEFIELD: Good morning Matt.

MATT LAUER: It may sound like a strange way to start the interview but…do I still refer to you as Doctor?

WAKEFIELD: Yes, they can’t take away the fact that I have a medical degree.

MATT LAUER: You were not surprised by this action … the stripping of your medical license. Why?

WAKEFIELD: Not at all. It was determined from the very beginning I believe, the pressure the government brought on the GMC .. to find this ruling.

MATT LAUER: You don’t think this was an impartial panel?

WAKEFIELD: I think that the panel .. whether they believe they were influenced or not .. were certainly of this opinion .. when I read their decision which came out in February .. this decision had been made from the outset.

MATT LAUER: Doctor is this the final blow to your credibility? Doctor, I mean if you look at the studies that have been conducted since your research wved your theories. The fact that The Lancet has since said, “If we knew then what we know now, we wouldn’t have published the study in the first place”. You lost your job down in Texas and now your medical license. Is that it?

WAKEFIELD: The findings we made originally have been replicated in five different countries of the world. So, the bowel disease in these children exists. This is a little bump on the road .. and .. that’s how it should be perceived. It’s a bump on a very bumpy road .. but .. it’s a bump. What it does not detract from is the fact there are millions of children out their suffering .. and .. the fact that vaccines can cause autism. That’s a fact that’s accepted by the American government … because they have been settling cases of vaccine induced autism since 1991.

MATT LAUER: You say to me the findings have been replicated. I have seen studies, several major studies. Your study involved twelve children … I’ve seen studies that involved hundreds of thousands of children that do not replicate your findings. And, so, today .. will you sit across from me and tell me you still believe there is a possible link between tha particular vaccine .. the MMR vaccine .. and .. autism in children?

WAKEFIELD: Not only do I think it .. but .. the American government has conceded that it exists. A causal relationship between vaccines and autism exists .. and .. they have actually been secretly settling cases as early as 1991. Out of court as well.

MATT LAUER: As you know, we have talked to people since we had a chance to meet .. when you were kind enough to sit down for that exclusive interview with us .. and .. people in our government have said “NO! NO! We no longer believe this. We went out and checked out the possibilities and we no longer believe this to be true.” And .. every doctor I’ve spoken to says “It’s dangerous … it’s dangerous to even keep talking about it because .. every time you talk about it .. parents stop vaccinating their children .. and .. some children are dying from preventable diseases”.

WAKEFIELD: Matt, you are missing the point. The point is .. despite denying it .. in the public relations campaign they waged against me and against the parents .. they are conceding these cases in vaccine court.

MATT LAUER: What’s your next step .. real quickly?

WAKEFIELD: My next step is to continue this work till it’s natural conclusion. These parents are no going away, the children aren’t going away ..and .. I most certainly am not going away.

MATT LAUER: Dr. Andrew Wakefield, thank you for joining us. I appreciate your time….

4 Responses to “Andrew Wakefield/Today Show interview transcript”

  1. Bad mommy May 27, 2010 at 11:48 #

    The NYT had an article that suggested that Wakefield was struck off for his “work on autism.” Apparently, they spoke to someone from Austin who is in his thrall. I sent a scathing letter, but I doubt that anyone is really going to examine how the mainstream media just keeps repeating this trash until it won’t matter whether it is a lie.

  2. Thaddeus Arco July 9, 2010 at 16:05 #

    I am a father of an autistic girl,now 26,and raised her from birth to age 21,alone for the most part,and I can tell you without a doubt ,the MMR vaccine had a definite impact on my daughter’s health and mental awareness. I have always felt that their were autistic tendencies soon after birth,but there was a clear and odd reaction to the MMR vaccination that traumatized her. I hope that he stands by his conviction because these other so-called experts not only can’t come up with anything other than compounding the problem with poorly monitored drug treatments. Sure ,the receptors in the brain having interference,oxycotins,and other theories are getting close,but there should have been a large study encompassing all the pregnancies etc. parents while the autistic numbers were smaller. The doctors are more interested in clouding the issue than solving it. My daughter would have been a lot healthier without psychiatrists,believe me. Thaddeus Arco,Middletown ny

  3. Dedj July 9, 2010 at 16:50 #

    For a start, you should know that there a lot more mainstream treatments for autism available than just the pharmacological ones, so your comments immediately cause concern over the legitimacy of your statements or the accuracy of your knowledge.

    Secondly, your study request is a bit garbled and unclear, but you seem to be requesting a longitudinal population based study, such as the ones that have already been done in eastern europe and elsewhere.

    Thirdly, your accusation that scientists are trying to cloud the issue is rather offensive, and is provably untrue given the amount of information that is being generated in regards to autism by the mainsteam journals.

    Fourthly, if you believe your daughter has received improper care, you can report those psychiatrists to the relevant Registers.

    Fifthly, Otto was one of the best, and his practice of repeated contraction is still used today.


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