Andrew Wakefield in the Sunday Telegraph

14 Jun

Andrew Wakefield has been much in the news lately. “Much” is a relative term. He hasn’t been in the news to the level of his hey-day when the his MMR hypothesis was new and given some credibility. But with the decision of the GMC to remove him from the medical register, he has been back in the news. Mr. Wakefield apparently decided to ride this expected wave of publicity by timing his book to coincide with the decision.

Mr. Wakefield’s book tour was not very extensive, and involved some minor and strange outlets, including “Coast to Coast“, a late-night American radio show that bills itself as “Coast to Coast AM – UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena. Overnight talk radio with daytime ratings”

His tour has not gone unnoticed by the mainstream media. The Sunday Telegraph has a story about him (unfortunately not online as yet):

Needle and Dread
In Britain he’s been struck off and widely discredited. In the US Andrew Wakefield, MMR Pariah, has been reborn–as an unapologetic figurehead for the ‘anti-vaccine’ movement. It’s a long way from Harley Street, reports Alex Hannaford.

If that title isn’t clear enough, the article opens with a picture of Mr. Wakefield with the caption: “Poster boy Andrew Wakefield continues to spark religious-like fervour among supporters

Once, Mr. Wakefield was able to obtain favorable press at least somewhere in the mainstream press.

Times have changed.

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