Ari Ne’eman’s previous work with the National Council on Disability

23 Jun

Ari Ne’eman has been appointed as a full member of the National Council on Disability. With that announcement came some criticism of the appointment, including comments on this blog indicating that Mr. Ne’eman’s doesn’t have the experience necessary to serve.

Given that, I thought I would share a couple of things I found on the NCD’s website. I was searching for an announcement of the Senate confirmation of his appointment. What I found was a surprise to me: Mr. Ne’eman has been working with the NCD since 2007 in the Youth Advisory Council.

This recent announcement acknowledges some of Mr. Ne’eman’s work bringing together a coalition of disability organizations:

Advisory Committee Member Achievement

NCD’s Youth Advisory Committee policy workgroup leader, Ari Ne’eman (NJ), received recent accolades for his successful leadership of advocacy work that mobilized the broader disability community on an international scale. In his thank-you note to the 22 disability rights organizations and countless individuals whose combined efforts resulted in withdrawal of an ad campaign depicting people with disabilities in a negative way, Ari noted “this is a victory for inclusion, for respect and for the strength and unity of people with disabilities across the world” (

Mr. Ne’eman was a leader of the NCD’s Youth Advisory Council policy workgroup starting in 2007.

With its charter renewed until October 2009, NCD’s YAC met on November 15, 2007, after welcoming seven new members, new officers (Amy Doherty-chair; Carly Fahey -vice chair; Matt Cavedon -Secretary), procedural workgroup leaders (Ari Ne’eman-Policy; Daman Wandke-Outreach and Networking), and mentors (Stephanie Orlando and Miranda Pelikan). The committee reported topics and issues of interest such as aversives and restraints, healthcare accessibility, expanding ways of gathering youth and young adult perspectives, and planning to make a new proposal to NCD about disability history awareness-raising. We welcome aboard in FY2008 Jesutine Breidenbach (MN), Brett Cunningham (OK), Paul Fogle (PA), Eddie Rea (CA), Nicole Schneider (FL), Nathan Turner (OH), and Bryan Ward (DE). YAC meets again on January 17, 2008, at 4:00 p.m. EST. Please e-mail your questions about YAC to Dr. Gerrie Hawkins

Maybe it is time to give Mr. Ne’eman credit for years of service and welcome him to the NCD?

2 Responses to “Ari Ne’eman’s previous work with the National Council on Disability”

  1. Sullivan June 23, 2010 at 21:26 #

    Norton Gunthorpe

    You should check your math. You lost a year there–2007 to 2010 is longer than 19 months.

    That said, he has experience with the NCD and the NCD has experience with him. That’s the important point. It takes away much of the criticism many have erroneously made that he doesn’t have experience and that perhaps other members of the NCD wouldn’t appreciate him serving with them.

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