You can’t question vaccines without being destroyed….or can you

7 Jan

As part of the “balance” in the Wakefield fraud story, CNN brought in Wendy Fournier of the National Autism Association. It’s a bit of an odd choice as she hadn’t researched the claims in the BMJ article (“honestly, I don’t know the specifics Brain Deer is referring to in the article for BMJ”). That said, the interview is interesting to watch. She starts right out with a personal attack on Mr. Deer: “Brian Deer has proven himself to be quite the one-trick pony. Wondering if has anything else to do than write about Andy Wakefield”.

The defense doesn’t talk at all about the actual paper, the actual demonstrated instances of fraud. Instead, the interview focuses on the conspiracy defense that Mr. Wakefield and his supporters have chosen. It isn’t that the data were manipulated to produce a given result that’s the reason why the editors at the BMJ produced this article, it is because the vaccine program is so important that vaccine safety advocates are attacked.

Here are two quotes from this interview:

“Careers are destroyed whenever anyone dares to question the almighty vaccine program” and “you can’t question vaccines without being destroyed, there’s too much money at stake here”

Consider the case of John Salamone. Have you ever heard of him? I hadn’t until I read Dr. Offit’s book, Deadly Choices. Mr. Salamone has a vaccine injured child. His son contracted polio from the oral polio vaccine. Mr. Salomone found out that there was a safer vaccine, the Salk vaccine, which was already in use in other countries. Mr. Salamone formed a group, informed parents against vaccine associated polio, and took his case to the government. It wasn’t an easy battle, by far. But he did eventually get heard and he made the change happen. The U.S. abandoned the oral vaccine.

He wasn’t ruined. There was no campaign to destroy him.

He was the right man, with the right skills to get the job done. He also had the truth on his side and he didn’t resort to fear and pseudo science.

Here is a quote from a parent “autism advocate” in one of the groups associated with the NAA, Generation Rescue. This statement was written on the blog these groups share, the Age of Autism. I don’t recall anyone from the NAA voicing an objection to this comment when it was made:

With less than a half-dozen full time activists, annual budgets of six figures or less, and umpteen thousand courageous, undaunted, and selfless volunteer parents, our community, held together with duct tape and bailing wire, is in the early to middle stages of bringing the U.S. vaccine program to its knees

When people assert that the vaccine program is untouchable, that anyone who questions it will be “destroyed”, think about the changes that have already occurred. Think about John Salamone. Thank him for bringing about the change he did.

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