Minneapolis reports three more measles cases

18 Mar

In Minneapolis reports three more measles cases, the Minneapolis Star Tribune discusses, well, three more measles cases in the city. Why bring this up here?

Three more children under the age of five have developed cases of measles in Minneapolis, state health officials reported Thursday, including two Somali children who were not vaccinated because of fears about the vaccine safety.

Four children have been infected. Three were hospitalized. At least two unvaccinated out of fear.

Three more children under the age of five have developed cases of measles in Minneapolis, state health officials reported Thursday, including two Somali children who were not vaccinated because of fears about the vaccine safety.

Officials said that the vaccination rate has dropped in Minnesota’s Somali community, largely because of misconceptions about the vaccine safety. Concerns about a possible link between the vaccine and autism have spread in the Somali community, as well as other communities, in spite of medical reports debunking the connection.

“Contrary to misinformation that may still be circulating, the measles vaccine is safe and effective,” said Dr. Edward Ehlinger, Minnesota Commissioner of Health. “Without it, the risk of disease is real. Children can die from measles.”

The previous case, reported March 5, involved a child under a year old who was too young to be vaccinated. Officials said they did not know whether the fourth child had been vaccinated.

I can already write the responses:
“Better measles than autism” (as though this were a real choice. MMR doesn’t increase the risk of autism)
“If they offered a safe measles vaccine, this wouldn’t have happened” (as though the MMR causes autism, making it “unsafe”)
“look at all the reports in VAERS of death/injury/etc” (as though every report in VAERS is an event caused by vaccines)
“but vaccines don’t work anyway”

I could go on with the responses, but why? They are as obvious as they are lame.

(edit to add–I missed on obvious one that has already been made: “4 cases=outbreak?”. That one just boggles the mind. How many should there be before we take action? If these were demonstrated cases of vaccines causing autism, the answer would be no more. But, hey, it’s just a life-threatening disease in children, one under a year old. I guess that “immature immune system” we hear vaccine skeptics claim is just fine at fighting a full on infection. Just not a vaccine.)

4 Responses to “Minneapolis reports three more measles cases”

  1. Liz Ditz March 18, 2011 at 04:49 #

    You missed

    *”measles isn’t that bad, I had it and I was fine” and

    *the total cluelessness on how infectious measles is in an unvaccinated population.

  2. sharon March 18, 2011 at 06:24 #

    This issue of non vaccination based on unfounded fear is becoming increasingly upsetting to me.

    In Australia, we have similar issues. One example being an ex American, now Australian resident, Meryl Dorey, who actively promotes the most extreme forms of scaremongering via the misnamed, The Australian Vaccination Network. You can view her poison on Facebook, and the attempts of many of us to stop her at Stop The Australian Vaccination Network.

    I live in Western Australia where just today there was a media story about falling immunisation rates. Locally there have been several recent cases of Whooping Cough, and in the Eastern states a recent death. My husband and I just this week had our DTP vaccine booster in an attempt to do our best to help stem this spread. The GP we saw said in the last fortnight he had treated about 10 cases of Pertussis.

    I am infuriated by those who intentionally spread lies and fear, and frustrated by those who rely on the herd to protect their ignorant decisions.

    Rant over!

  3. MikeMa March 18, 2011 at 18:39 #

    So sorry about Dorey. Don’t want her back though – we have enough anti-vax fools already.

    I also thought I read something about her receiving a reprimand and losing a source of funding. Has that not helped? Maybe i am mistaken.

  4. sharon March 19, 2011 at 00:08 #

    @Mikema, her organisation had it’s Charity status revoked, and she is currently seeking to have this ruling overturned. There should be enough evidence against her to prevent this however.
    Foul woman she is.

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