Alabama given permission to cut special education funding

13 Apr

We’ve discussed it before: some states are starting to ask for waivers from the federal government to allow for reductions in special education funding. From Federal goverment to let Alabama cut spending for special education. Here’s the first few paragraphs:

WASHINGTON — Ala­bama is one of a handful of states given permission to cut spending on special ed­ucation this school year, a rare concession from Wash­ington for states facing se­vere shortfalls in their state budgets.

State education officials had asked to spend $9.2 mil­lion less on education pro­grams for disabled children than last year, a 1.45 percent drop.

In a response letter dated Thursday, federal education officials said they were will­ing to waive the insulation that special education pro­grams normally have from cutbacks because the reduc­tion was a fraction of the cuts made to the rest of the education budget.

Alabama reduced its over­all spending on education by 8.41 percent in the 2010-11 fiscal year — 8.46 percent in elementary and secondary education.

The federal governement will give the same amount to Alabama for special education:

If the waiver had been rejected, Washington would have reduced the amount of money it sends to Alabama for special education next year by $9.2 million. Washington said it expects Alabama to spend about $635 million on special education in the 2011-12 year, which would have been the budget before the waiver was granted.

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