Maryland Board of Phyicians: Mark Geier “endangers autistic children and exploits their parents”

4 May

Dr. Mark Geier is well known in the world of alternative medicine and autism. He, together with his son David, work a medical practice and publish papers. They are long-standing proponents of the vaccine-causation hypothesis, presenting pseudo-epidemiological studies as support. Dr. Geier has worked as a witness in the vaccine court, has has a long history of criticism for his work there.

One of the stranger notions Dr. Geier has put forth involves testosterone. In their model of autism, testosterone binds with mercury in the brain and makes it difficult to remove through chelation. For many, many reasons, this was just plain wrong. Based on their mistaken hypothesis, the Geiers have promoted a treatment for autism based on reducing testosterone in autistic children. In short, they put children on an injected drug: Lupron.

This idea has met with much criticism. Probably no one has studied the Geier’s and their actions more closely than Kathleen Seidel on her blog at Five years ago and more she exposed the “Lupron Protocol” in a sixteen partseries called

Significant Misrepresentations: Mark Geier, David Geier & the Evolution of the Lupron Protocol.

Well, it isn’t just one of the best bloggers saying it anymore. The Maryland Board of Physicians has investigated Dr. Geier and Dr. Geier has now had his license suspended.

Here is part of the Order for Summary Suspension:

The Respondent misdiagnosed autistic children with precocious puberty and other genetic abnormalities and treated them with potent hormonal therapy (“Lupron Therapy” or “Lupron Protocol”), and in some instances, chelation therapy, both of which have a substantial risk of both short-term and long-term adverse side effects. The Respondent’s treatment exposed the children to needless risk of harm.

The introduction goes on.

The Respondent, in addition to being a physician, is certified as a genetic counselor. His assessment and treatment of autistic children, as described herein, however, far exceeds his qualifications and expertise. The extensive and expensive batteries of laboratory studies the Respondent initially orders, many of which he orders to be repeated on a monthly basis, are outside the standard of quality care for a work-up for an autistic patient or to determine the underlying cause of autism. The Respondent failed to conduct adequate physical examinations of any of the patients and in several instances, began his Lupron Protocol based merely on a telephone consultation with the child’s parent and the results of selected laboratory tests he ordered. The Respondent’s omission of a comprehensive physical examination constitutes a danger because his treatment is based on a diagnosis that requires documentation of sexual development beyond that expected for the age of the child. Moreover, his treatment may constitute more of a risk to a child with an underlying medical condition.
The Respondent failed to provide adequate informed consent to the parents of the autistic children he treated. In one (1) instance, he misrepresented that his treatment protocol had been approved by a federally approved IRB.
There are no evidence-based studies to support either the Respondent’s Lupron Protocol or his administration of chelation therapy to autistic children; he relies in large part on his own studies which have been wholly discredited by the Institute of Medicine and denounced by the American Academy of Pediatrics. The Respondent’s treatment of autistic children with his Lupron Protocol and chelation therapy is not limited to Maryland. Indeed, in a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, the Respondent stated his intent to open clinics all over the United States, H[w]e plan to open everywhere. I am going to treat as many as I can.

The introduction ends with this paragraph:

The Respondent endangers autistic children and exploits their parents by administering to the children a treatment protocol that has a known substantial risk of serious harm and which is neither consistent with evidence-based medicine nor generally accepted in the relevant scientific community.

Pretty much sums it up. There are numerous counts and details listed in the full document. Below I’ll highlight some specific statements.

Patient A, a child whose mother stated aggression was not a problem, was reported as having aggression and self-injurious behaviors:

Notwithstanding Patient A’s mother’s report that aggression was not a problem with Patient A, the Respondent noted in the “Precious (sic) Puberty Evaluation” section of the form that Patient A, “bites and punches others; hits head with hands.”

As with many (if not all of the children) listed in the order, the diagnosis of precocious puberty was not considered valid:

45. The Respondent misdiagnosed Patient A with premature puberty. Significantly, Patient A did not meet the age criteria for premature puberty.
46. In addition, the results of Patient A’s laboratory studies do not support the Respondent’s diagnosis. The Respondent reported that Patient A’s testosterone metabolites were “significantly increased;” however, the results of Patient A’s luteinizing hormone (“LH”) were only marginally elevated, and his free testosterone and DHEA were within range for a ten (10) year old male.

One question that is often raised with alternative medical practitioners is the validity of their diagnoses. Quite often this involves diagnoses of “heavy metal toxicity” using non-standard tests. In the case of the Geier’s, there is also the validity of diagnoses of “precocious puberty”. There are standards for age, and for tests which should be performed. Reading the order, it is clear that age requirements were often ignored. Bone density tests were often not performed:

The Respondent failed to assess Patient B’s bone age, assess the child’s growth velocity or order a GnRH test to confirm the presumptive diagnosis of precocious puberty.

Also, the signs of precocious puberty could be due to a brain tumor. Yet brain scans were not performed. This from Patient E:

In addition, the Respondent failed to assess Patient E’s skeletal maturation by ordering an x-ray of her left wrist and he failed to order a scan of her brain in order to rule out a tumor.

Another question that often comes up with the Geier practice is what role David Geier plays. David Geier holds only a bachelor’s degree. He is not a physician. Patient C appears to have been examined by David Geier, with Dr. Mark Geier absent:

Patient C’s mother returned to the Respondent’s office on May 19, 2008 because of the worsening of Patient C’s aggressive behaviors. According to her complaint, the Respondent was not present during this office visit, She saw only his unlicensed son.

And, yet, the child was given “comprehensive” abdominal and thyroid ultrasounds at the visit:

The note of the visit indicates that “comprehensive” abdominal and thyroid ultrasounds were performed. Patient C’s physical appearance is described as suggesting “advancement from his chronological age” and that he appeared to be “potentially significantly physically aggressive to himself and/or others.”

and something akin to a diagnosis was rendered:

A portion of the “Psychological Examination” section of the note states, “It is apparent based upon examination of the DSM-IV criteria that [Patient Crs present symptoms are compatible with a diagnosis of pervasive developmental delay – not otherwise specific (sic).”

One problem with research performed by the Geier’s is the lack of an appropriate IRB–institutional review board. Dr. Geier placed himself, his wife and his son on the IRB. Not noted in the Order is the timing of the IRB. If memory serves correctly, there is evidence that the IRB was put into place after research began.

An IRB must consist of at least five (5) members. The ICI IRB’s members include the Respondent, his son and the Respondent’s wife. The ICI IRB is inconsistent with the requirement that a member should not have a conflict of interest in the research project.

The Order includes discussion that “The Respondent [Mark Geier] Misrepresented His Credentials”. When the investigative board interviewed him, here is how Dr. Geier described himself:

On November 6, 2007, in furtherance of the Board’s investigation, Board staff interviewed the Respondent. During the interview, the Respondent stated that he was a board-certified geneticist and a board-certified epidemiologist. The Respondent stated that he had been board-certified in epidemiology in 2007.

However, “board certified” and “geneticist” seem to be incorrect:

As to being a board-certified epidemiologist, this appears to be inaccurate:

166. By letter dated March 29, 2011, the Respondent, through counsel, submitted to the Board a “Fellowship Certificate” from the American College of Epidemiology (“ACE”). The ACE is a professional association whose policy on admission is “inclusiveness.” An ACE fellow is not required to have a degree in epidemiology, a degree in a “related field” is sufficient.
167. The Respondent knew, or reasonably should have known, that he was not board-certified in epidemiology.

As to being a “geneticist”, Dr. Geier is a “genetic counselor”, a different creature:

168. By letter dated March 29, 2011, the Respondent, through counsel, also submitted to the Board a certificate issued by the American Board of Medical Genetics on September 15, 1987 certifying the Respondent as a Genetic Counselor.
169. The term “genetic counselor” is not synonymous with “geneticist.” A geneticist, or medical geneticist, is a physician who evaluates a patient for genetic conditions, which may include performing a physical examination and ordering tests. A genetic counselor is an individual with a masters degree who helps to educate the patient and provides an assessment of the risk of the condition recur in the family.
170. The Respondent knew, or reasonably should have known, that he was not a board-certified geneticist.

Geneticist/genetic counselor and whether he is board certified in epidemiology or not are interesting but minor questions compared to the board findings of misconduct in treating disabled children. So it comes as no surprise that it is ordered:

Based on the foregoing, it is this 27th day of April , 2011, by a majority of the quorum of the Board:
ORDERED that pursuant to the authority vested by Md. State Gov’t Code Ann., § 1 0-226( c)(2), the Respondent’s license to practice medicine in the State of Maryland be and is hereby SUMMARILY SUSPENDED;

Mr. Mark Geier is at present unable to practice medicine in his home state of Maryland.

kathleen Seidel has already blogged this: Maryland Medical Board Suspends Dr. Mark Geier’s License

39 Responses to “Maryland Board of Phyicians: Mark Geier “endangers autistic children and exploits their parents””

  1. Sullivan May 4, 2011 at 02:40 #

    Start the countdown to the obvious responses:

    1) “They needed something to take people’s minds off of Poul Thorsen!”

    (like anyone really knows who Poul Thorsen is outside of a fraction of online autism parent community)

    2) “It’s like Wakefield. He was telling the truth, they had to take him down”.

    How about: his diagnostic and treatment methods were wrong. Just plain wrong.

  2. Kathleen Seidel May 4, 2011 at 02:48 #

    Rocks, don’t it?

  3. Barb May 4, 2011 at 02:53 #

    way to go Maryland!

  4. Interverbal May 4, 2011 at 04:09 #

    Good, but about 5 years late.

  5. Interverbal May 4, 2011 at 04:34 #

    SBC’s testosterone theory aside, is anyone except the Geiers advocating that autism = precocious puberty?

    • Sullivan May 4, 2011 at 05:18 #


      I don’t know who bought into the theory, but he had franchised the lupron protocol. Others were using it. Mayer Eisenstein for one, if I recall correctly.

  6. sharon May 4, 2011 at 04:43 #

    I have to say I am impressed with the diplomatic tone in which this post was written. I could not bring myself to write about it in such measured and non emotive terms. This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. David N. Brown May 4, 2011 at 07:06 #

    I wrote about this at “Evil Possum” (Cures page: “Even Worse”) back in August 2009. A passage I believe will be of interest:

    I proposed exactly that course of action when I wrote about this in August 2009. (See “Even Worse”.) There is at least one case, of Sylvia Joanna Vasquez, of inappropriate administration of Lupron being prosecuted as child abuse. She got a TEN-YEAR sentence.

    Also, an extended passage from that piece I believe will be of interest:
    It can be said, at the start, that any positive association of autism with excessive testosterone would have to be considered surprising at best and improbable at worst. As a a matter of “common sense”, a surplus of a growth hormone would be expected (rightly or wrongly!) to accelerate physical development, and lead to greater size and strength compared to same-age peers. No such pattern is evident in autistic children. If anything, they tend to have the opposite problem: Autistic children are routinely reported as small compared to same-age or even younger children, and also having poor muscle tone. Thus, by outward appearances, autistics have no more need for hormone suppressants than anorexics do for diet pills! This does not mean that a diagnosis of elevated testosterone is out of the question. It does mean that the Geiers’ claim was counterintuitive at the start, and that a large body of evidence should have been necessary to get it taken seriously.

    David N. Brown
    Mesa, Arizona

  8. Catherina May 4, 2011 at 08:43 #

    I gave Bob Sears’ Autism Book a quick skim this morning and he only cites legitimate science on “hormones and autism” – nothing on the Geiers or on (anti-)hormone treatment against autism.

  9. K_Dad May 4, 2011 at 19:58 #

    Has there been any reax to this from the antivaccine camp yet? I haven’t found any, but I tend to avoid those sites as much as possible….

  10. Liz Ditz May 4, 2011 at 21:26 #

    doing what I usually do: roundup of internet responses to the (long-delayed) news of Geier’s license suspension:

    No responses from the “autism is vaccine injury” bloggers.

  11. daedalus2u May 5, 2011 at 01:46 #

    SNC’s hypothesis of the influence of prenatal testosterone is legetimate science. He was questioned (I think) by the Chicago paper that did an expose on the Geiers as to his response to the idea of using Lupron on autistic individuals and his response was “it fills me with horror”.

    This is a victory for children with autism.

    • Sullivan May 5, 2011 at 02:41 #


      I believe you mean SBC–Simon Baron Cohen?

  12. Neuroskeptic May 5, 2011 at 11:39 #

    As interverbal says, this is 5 years too late. How can it take so long for these things to get dealt with?

  13. David N. Brown May 5, 2011 at 17:46 #

    I suspect a significant factor is that the Geiers had a limited number of patients, perhaps fewer than 100, where other forms of quackery can easily draw in thousands. Also, they seem to relied largely on “word of mouth” within the already small “autism” community to promote their practice. In summary, whether by good sense or just poor luck, the Lupron protocol has presented a “low-flying” target for regulators.

    David N. Brown
    Mesa, Arizona

  14. Joseph May 5, 2011 at 20:56 #

    Is there something that triggered this? A parent’s complaint? We knew what the Geiers were up to many years ago. Or is it just that these things usually take this long?

  15. John Fryer Chemist May 7, 2011 at 09:42 #


    As a supporter of Mark Geier I enter here with trepidation.

    First off; even geniuses can be IDIOTS.

    I would think that this treatment cannot be good.

    And the cost of several thousand dollars EVERY month means as someone said is not widely practised and even if a miracle is for the millionaires only.

    Better therefore to PREVENT autism rather than here use a dodgy treatment, very expensive and even if it works is likely to change the patient into something abnormal in the long term.

    Preventing autism is beyond Mark or anyone at present. We cant even see the ceiling yet.

    All this is hot air as really I am IGNORANT of this treatment and equally horrified as everyone here especially now as it is the target for a CRIMINAL court action.

    But even if Mark is correct he will face a loaded dice against him.

    Everyone will know the treatment he gets in courts of law as a witness.

    Typically of EVERY person working counter to industry or government and in this case BOTH.

    If the inditements are correct he should go to prison. I fear that much worse faces Mark.

    If you look at his research he quite clearly is an expert on autism despite the attitude of judges and lesser mortals and has been for an extremely LONG time at a very high level.

    I am not too aware of his early history but like the Wakefield case there is a need to look back over the whole history of this person very carefully to get the full picture.

    As with all geniuses they do get into some wrong trails as well as the right ones. Lupron is not a good idea even it works and it isnot certain it does work.

    If you put this into context with hundreds of big pharma failures you see there no charges brought before the criminal courts.

    Take MERCK paying out in the USA but in the UK it is “up yours” and not one cent will be paid out to the dead and dying. If people condemn Mark spare a thought for the balanced issues.

    All in all like Wakefield, Mark is a big CHUMP but compare the difference between Big Pharmas errors and this and you see a double handed policy is clear. At most someone says there are 100 involved and clearly there are permissions needed.Did he get those permissions? It should be an open and shut case?

    Why cant they just shut down the lupron intiative by force if its so bad?

    I personally have a friend injured by thalidomide who are denied help because they havent 100 per cent proof. The world of drugs is very iffy.

    In the case of thimerosal, a BIG target of Mark there is no defence to its continued use in vaccines. I understand it was Mark who first proved the link of increased harm to the male from mercury?

    He may be wrong on lupron like big pharma gets it wrong and wont easily admit it but like big pharma gets it right we see that Mark more often is a leader to as well as a “B” leader with lupron.

    The Eisenstein issue for me is intial approval followed by extreme doubt?

    Not sure of conspiracies here as much as why didnt it happen sooner.

  16. Julian Frost May 9, 2011 at 07:07 #

    John Fryer Chemist:

    I personally have a friend injured by thalidomide who are denied help because they havent 100 per cent proof. The world of drugs is very iffy.

    What evidence do you have that your friend was injured by thalidomide?

  17. John Fryer Chemist May 9, 2011 at 07:37 #

    Julian Frost

    Frost by name and frost by nature?

    My friend has flipper type arms.

    To call that not a thalidomide child is to augment the possibility that thalidomide is not actually the chemical that causes the problem.

    We also know from the mother directly that she took thalidomide.

    We live in an increasingly sick world of DENIAL of HARM.

    The thalidomide type of condition is unique.

    Lots of chemicals do not share this unique action.

    If it was almost impossible to prove the thalidomide culpability what chance for other toxins?

    Please remember that Frances Kelsey took no part in the outing of thalidomide. Her role was one of stallingthat achieved fame for her.

    One person alone found the connection and in a fashion repeated many times his whole career in medicine was sabotaged almost immediately.

    In typical cynical fashion this doctor got his licence to preactice medicine on the day of his retirement from working life.

    This injustice to my friends family is not the only miscarriage of justice but not part of this discussion.

    In contrast the maker of thalidomide received top honours from the government similar to that given to Roy Meadow who was responsible for incarcerating many innocents in prison to protect the medical practice from dishonour.

    Mark will be punished very severely but in contrast to for example mediator where every doctor prescribed it in France killing many and NO doctor will even be quizzed over this bad drug.

    USA concept of justice, fair play is somewhat different to France therefore. Fortunately despite their get out of jail free cards they do represent for me the BEST medical care bar none. Nothing it seems is perfect.

    But the cutting down of causes of any tragedy is not common but universal best representedby that after Chernobyl and the WHO and International Atomic Energy claiming 2 deaths at the plant and 28 in total. Disgraceful play down of deaths that already stretch to more than 1 million dead.

  18. Jane Doe June 16, 2011 at 00:17 #

    I have always wondered WHY tests are not done on children BEFORE a vaccine is given to test reaction, instead of our government having a fund to pay for injuries after the fact. Even hair color box instructions tell you to test it FIRST to avoid skin problems!

    If you think big Pharma has not been taken to task just do a Google search for clinical trial fraud and you’ll find that large fines have been given to companies who try to hide adverse events to new medications under testing. Unfortunately it takes multiple complaints, and years to investigate and take action, as it did in this case.

    Mark Geier’s protocol also called for B Vitamins and Melatonin, two things known for decades to be effective treatment for autism.

    Now it’s time for someone to do a thorough investigation of his counter-part Vale Krenik. A man treated by a number of psychiatrists himself who rarely if ever tells the truth.

    • Sullivan June 16, 2011 at 02:20 #

      Jane Doe,

      As it turns out, I have a long article about the Geiers in the queue. Check back in a few hours when it goes live.

      Who cares if they recommend vitamin B. Does that excuse misdiagnosing precocious puberty? Does that excuse letting a man with a B.A. degree act as a treating physician? Does that excuse billing as though David were a physician?

      Who argues that Big Pharma hasn’t had their share of ethical lapses. Again, does that mean that “little pharma” is allowed to have ethical lapses? Can the Geiers go to court and say, “Big pharma does bad things” and expect to get away without punishment?

      Can you show me the data that makes it clear that vitamin B and melatonin are effective treatments for autism? A study from a few decades ago would be good, given your statement.

  19. Chris June 16, 2011 at 00:45 #

    Jane Doe:

    I have always wondered WHY tests are not done on children BEFORE a vaccine is given to test reaction, instead of our government having a fund to pay for injuries after the fact.

    Please outline exactly the procedure that would adequately accomplish that. Cite the relevant papers on the testing protocols, including the statistics on false results.

    I assume it is a bit more complicated than dabbing a bit of vaccine on the skin.

    Or just show us the evidence that the DTaP is worse than diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis. Remember the cites must meet certain criteria, for starters they need to be available at a medical school library.

    Mr. Fryer, I missed this comment. As always, we will assume you made everything up out of thin air unless you provide verifiable documentation. Also, France is now an epicenter of a measles outbreak.

  20. Anne Fox August 26, 2011 at 03:28 #

    I’m worried about the treatment options being developed in Edmonton at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. Funded by CHIR and Autism Speaks as well as the Alberta Government a series of abuses of children who are First Nations or Foreign adopted immigrants is being done. The protocols are more wicked than this by far. Has anyone heard of Temple Grandin. She is a brain injured person mascarading as Autistic and is Hollywood certified with her own movie. The protocol is very similar to her systemic abuse campaign as a cattle handler in humane kill facilities. The Temple Grandin story is linked to the Canadian Health Institute for Research experimentation on human subjects through the research at The University of Guelph. This is a former agricultural College. It has recently received large grants and research chairs and has as it’s Chancellor Pamela Wallin a Conservative Senator. The program is permitting the new protocols for secondary data. That is data which prevents the user from receiving the medical historical or environmental background of the test subjects.In short the child is false diagnosed with Autism and is a victim of trauma by apprehension and or culture shock and maternal deprivation. The ambient psychological or abuse by proxy once stopped is a miracle cure although it may appear that pharmaceuticals played a role. Risperadal is the avowed favorite. Law Suites have not yet reached Canada and the American NIMH has not provided grants in this research so their protocol for experimentation and ethics does not apply.

  21. Julian Frost August 26, 2011 at 07:22 #

    Anne Fox:

    [Temple Grandin] is a brain injured person mascarading as Autistic and is Hollywood certified with her own movie.

    Grandin has an official diagnosis of Autism, and your remarks are skating very close to libel.

  22. David N. Andrews M. Ed., C. P. S. E. August 26, 2011 at 09:49 #

    Anne Fox: “Has anyone heard of Temple Grandin. She is a brain injured person mascarading as Autistic and is Hollywood certified with her own movie.”

    Yes, I have heard of her. She does, as Julian says, have an official diagnosis (having been diagnosed as a child). The only thing I disagree with Julian on is the notion that your remark about her is ‘skating close to libel’: libel is any defamatory remark in printed or written form, or any other form outside of speech or gestures. Your statement that Temple is ‘a brain injured person mascarading as Autistic’ is not skating close to libel. It is libel.

  23. sharon August 26, 2011 at 13:33 #

    @David N. Andrews says “It is libel.” it’s also just silly. Tell me Anne is a troll.

  24. Chris September 14, 2011 at 21:27 #

    I am trying to figure out why so many people defend vaccination? There is clearly a large group of people who have seen this stuff damage their children first hand, yet there is a large group devoted to excusing this? Why? It seems there is some personal gain involved for people to get so adamant about defending vaccination. Why make these mandatory? Some get them some don’t. Seems it should be a personal choice, if the people want to be vaccinated against disease, go right ahead. If I do not and I get sick, what do you care? Your immune, that is, if the vaccination works correctly. Your immune, I die everyone is happy, right? The only one who stands to really lose is big pharma for not getting paid for injecting crap in my body. Do you guys work for pharma?

    • Sullivan September 14, 2011 at 21:57 #

      “I am trying to figure out why so many people defend vaccination?”


      1) it is highly effective at preventing some extremely serious diseases
      2) it is very safe. Yes, there are adverse reactions, as with any medical procedure. But in the end it is safe.
      3) there is a lot of misinformation out there. A large part of this comes from the autism community. Should I stand back and let the damage be done?

      You appear to be unaware that a significant fraction of the population can not be vaccinated. For those people, the only protection they get from these diseases is by the rest of us vaccinating and keeping the diseases from spreading.

      Why make vaccines mandatory? They aren’t. You don’t have to get vaccinated. Your children don’t either. But, why should you be allowed to send your kids to school and potentially endanger other kids?

      “Do you guys work for pharma?”

      Nope. A computer hardware company. Blogging is a non-paid personal activity for me here.

      ” If I do not and I get sick, what do you care? ”

      How do you guarantee that when you are first infected, that period when you are capable of passing the infection on to others but you are not yet aware that you are sick, that you will not come in contact with someone who can be seriously harmed or killed by the disease? Are you 100% sure that the stranger you see in the store isn’t on chemotherapy and has a compromised immune system? Are you 100% sure that the kid sitting next to yours in the cafeteria doesn’t have some condition which makers her unable to be vaccinated?

      It is, as you say, a personal choice. What it is not is a choice without consequences, which you seem to be arguing.

  25. Chris September 14, 2011 at 23:09 #


    If I do not and I get sick, what do you care?

    I really hope you are very diligent about washing your hands.

  26. sharon September 14, 2011 at 23:45 #

    I care about the fact you were sick before you died. Where did you go whilst infectious? Waiting room of a Drs surgery? Hospital emergency dpt? Places where young babies, elderly and immune compromised folk are also likely to be. Your choice not to vaccinate means you put others at risk too. I wonder why you think you have that right?

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