Pseudonymous blogging at Science Blogs is over

23 Aug

DrugMonkey over at Science blogs reports that the new owners of Science Blogs will not allow for anonymous/pseudonymous blogging in the future. In Pseudonymous blogging at Science Blogs is over he/she writes:

I have just been informed that ScienceBlogs will no longer be hosting anonymous or pseudonymous bloggers. In case you are interested, despite extensive communication from many of us as to why we blog under pseudonyms, I have not been given any rationale or reason for this move. Particularly, no rationale or reason that responds to the many valid points raised by the pseudonymous folks.

The blog Confessions of a Science Librarian also chimes in: Friday No Fun: Pseudonymous blogging no longer allowed at ScienceBlogs?

This is very problematic for me. The ability to speak freely and without fear of reprisal is the foundation and necessity of pseudonymous blogging. These bloggers work long and hard to establish the credibility and reliability of their online identities and shouldn’t be punished or banished because of it.

Science Blogs is now owned by the National Geographic Society. They have hosted anonymous articles on their own site (e.g. WHAT’S THE WORLD’S DEEPEST, DARKEST, DENSEST JUNGLE?). ScienceBlogs is now their property, and they can set the rules. I would hope that they would reconsider this, though. I prefer quality over non-anonymous information, frankly. The worst information I can find on the net, especially blogs, has names attached. Some excellent work has been produced under a pseudonym.

One Response to “Pseudonymous blogging at Science Blogs is over”

  1. David N. Andrews M. Ed., C. P. S. E. August 23, 2011 at 14:55 #

    “Some excellent work has been produced under a pseudonym.”

    An example of this is ‘Student’, of t-test fame! Student’s name was known only to his colleagues.

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