Tomorrow: Autistics Speaking Day

31 Oct

In a great response to a bad event last year, Corina Becker sparked “Autistics Speaking Day”. From her post: “On November 1, there is an Autism awareness campaign called Communitcation Shutdown, whereas people are encouraged to stay off Twitter and Facebook for the day in order to promote an awareness of the communication difficulties that Autistics face. ”

Read the full post, and the many that followed it, for a discussion of why “Communication Shutdown” was such a bad idea. I’m glad that a year later “communication shutdown” is gone, but autistics speaking day is not.

From the website:

To raising Autism awareness and Acceptance, and battling negative stereotypes about Autism. To advocate for the inclusion of Autistic people in the community. To offer a forum to broadcast their voices, and to help the messages of Autistic people and non-Austistic allies reach the ears of as many people as possible.

From the FAQ:

Q. What do we do on ASDay?
A. The plan is that on November 1st social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, as well as YouTube and blogging sites will see a huge increase in the posts of autistic people. We will post links to as many of these as we can to share the works of the autistic people. Our hope is that this will help promote autism awareness and autism acceptance. If you are a blogger or own a website, you can write a post on or around November 1st for Autistics Speaking Day and we will share the posts through this blog, Twitter, and Facebook. Everyone is free to participate in ASDay however they want. Some will just read through the posts, some will help to distribute the posts, and some will actively write them.

One Response to “Tomorrow: Autistics Speaking Day”

  1. Julian Frost October 31, 2011 at 23:25 #

    It’s a few minutes after 12 in South Africa, and I’ve posted for Autistics’ Speaking Day.

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