Autism Speaks: Top Ten Autism Research Achievements of 2011

5 Jan

Autism Speaks has a list of Top Ten Autism Research Achievements of 2011. Here is their list (which they state is not in an order of importance) with links to their articles discussing them:

It’s More than Just Genes…
Population Screening Reveals Dramatically Higher Autism Rates…
Baby Siblings at Risk…
De Novo Genetic Changes Provide New Clues for Autism…
Different Forms of Autism Share Striking Brain Similarities…
Prenatal Vitamins Before and After Conception May Decrease Autism Risk…
Gene Knockout Mouse May Offer Leap Forward in Autism Animal Models…
Tweaking Electrical Activity in the Brain Impairs & Restores Mouse Social Behaviors…
More Evidence Linking Immune System to Some Forms of Autism…
Earlier Autism Screening Shows Promise…

3 Responses to “Autism Speaks: Top Ten Autism Research Achievements of 2011”

  1. Dee January 5, 2012 at 16:34 #

    Thanks for posting. I’m particularly interested in the immune and mouse model research. I’m hoping soon that we will be able to break down autism into biological subsets and then research can begin on treatments for those subsets. The reason some researched treatments haven’t shown great results may be due to this. My son’s diagnosis is atypical autism and it’s intertwined with GI and immune issues as well as his MTHFR status and Fragile X premutation. Trying to find evidence-based treatment for these issues has been difficult.

  2. Roger Kulp January 6, 2012 at 03:45 #

    Dee,that sounds like me.I have the MTHFR mutations,as well as severe childhood onset celiac,arteritis,a history of chronic pneumonia,and pharyngeal insufficiency,without cleft.If,as with me,there is GI disease,depletion of folate and B12,could be due to malabsorption,rather than metabolic genetics.

    This research talks about increased cytokines.There is a direct link to cytokines and the thymus,the area involved with the immune deficiency in 22q11.2 deletion,which is very likely the problem with me.

    They are also increased in adults and older children with autoimmune disease related to 22q.

    I think 22q11.2 deletion is far too often overlooked as a cause of autism,especially when there is not overt congenital heart disease.Have your child tested for COMT polymorphisms.If he has them,then go after a FISH test for a 22q11.2 deletion.The MTHFR mutations in 22q,don’t ALWAYS cause clefts,they can cause problems with the heart,metabolism,and lots of other things.

    If the mother has MTHFR mutations or polymorphisms,and they usually do if the child does,prenatal vitamins do not always help.Women need to be screened for MTHFR before they conceive.

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