Autism SA battles for funds

9 Feb

For most within the autism communities, I suspect that charities are chosen with great care. Whether under- or un-employed autistic or a parent concerned about providing for a child, each dollar counts to many of us. But if you will allow me to suggest a charity to consider: Autism South Africa

I was reminded of Autism SA while reading another blog. The Simons Foundation SFARI blog has a discussion of a recent study on Autism in Africa. The study they focus on is Excess of non-verbal cases of autism spectrum disorders presenting to orthodox clinical practice in Africa – a trend possibly resulting from late diagnosis and intervention. On many levels this study is important to me. But, what I’m writing about now is based on a comment:

Things are not improving fast enough. South Africa’s main autism charity, Autism SA, has only two months left if it doesn’t get funds to continue. The majority of doctors, psychologists and other healthcare practitioners in South Africa and the rest of Africa are not trained to diagnose autism.

Autism South Africa’s website includes a link to how to donate. I just sent a few Rand their way, it’s pretty easy.

3 Responses to “Autism SA battles for funds”

  1. Julian Frost February 9, 2012 at 06:01 #

    Thanks for this, Sullivan. I’m not a member of Autism SA, but I am a SOuth African.

    • Sullivan February 11, 2012 at 18:26 #

      Julian Frost,

      I was in SA briefly about 20 years ago. I considered taking a short term position at U. Cape Town.

      From what I’ve heard Autism SA is a good org. I’m happy to do something. I wish I could do more.


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